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Brendan Allen says Moses Murrietta has never fought anyone like me

The main event of LFA 61, will see Brendan Allen making his first middleweight title defense when he’s challenged by Moses Murrietta. Allen believes this win could pave his way to the next level.

It took a few attempts to become the LFA champ, how does if feel to now be the hunted?

“It doesn’t really bother me. The hardest part for me for this belt was just getting it. I’m hungry to make the next step. I’m just going to beat whoever steps in front of me until that happens. Hopefully after a win over Moses (Murrietta) I’ll get to the next step.”

What do you like about this match-up with Moses?

“I think he’s a good opponent. He’s going to be a good name on my résumé. I feel I’m better than him everywhere the fight is going to go. I don’t feel there’s anywhere he can beat me. Other than a lucky shot.”

“I don’t feel he brings anything to the table for me. I just have to go out there and prove that. I believe that, but now I got to prove it”. He’s never fought anyone like me. That puts pressure how I do, that’s as big as I am, is as fast as I am, is as strong as I am. I’m a totally different guy then he’s fought and it’s definitely going to be a step up in competition for him.”

AXS TV Main Card
185 Title: Brendan Allen (10-3) vs. Moses Murrietta (8-1)
170: Brandon Jenkins (12-6) vs. Mike Plazola (16-9)
145: Nate Jennerman (12-4) vs. Ken Beverly (8-3)
125: Sid Bice (8-2) vs. Lloyd McKinney (13-5)
145: Josh Marsh (5-1) vs. Jake Childers (5-0)
170: Nick Ammerman (4-1) vs. Dionisio Ramirez (7-4)
185: Joel Bauman (1-0) vs. Brock Smith (3-0)
135: Jason Huntley (5-7) vs. Sean Strube (1-0)
135: Sean Stebbins (0-0) vs. Eric Kemper (3-6)
Amateur Card
155: Yamah Sadozai (4-3) vs. Dustin Klapperick (5-2)
125: Jordan Nickelatti (5-1) vs. Shannon Clark (0-0)
145: Hayden Buckner (2-0) vs. Kyle Zimick (4-0)
170: Joey Hart (5-1-1) vs. Brady Minner (7-2)
135: Grant Bolduan (0-0) vs. Tyus White (3-0)

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