Brock Lesnar defeats Cain Velasquez with kimura at WWE Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar defeats Cain Velasquez with kimura at WWE Crown Jewel

Nine years and eight days after Cain Velasquez knocked out Brock Lesnar to win the UFC heavyweight championship, Lesnar got his revenge.

This time the two squared off in the WWE in a scripted outcome and Lesnar retained his WWE championship.

In the match at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Lesnar won easily by submitting Velasquez. The match resembled an MMA fight as the two wore four-ounce gloves while striking and grappling inside of the ring.

Velasquez caught Lesnar in the stomach with a knee, sending “The Beast Incarnate” to the canvas. When Velasquez tried to end the fight with ground and pound, Lesnar kicked Velasquez’s injured knee.

Velasquez went down from the kick and Lesnar got Velasquez in a kimura lock forcing Velasquez to tap.

Following the tap, Lesnar wouldn’t let get of the position forcing Rey Rey Mysterio to grab a chair and hit Lesnar in the back. Lesnar was unfazed and hit Mysterio with an F5 onto the chair.

Following his attack on Mysterio, Lesnar went back to attacking Velasquez, this time with a chair. Mysterio would then reenter the ring with another chair and beat Lesnar with it, causing him to scramble away.

Both former UFC heavyweight champions are now members of the WWE.

Lesnar hasn’t fought since UFC 200 in July of 2016. Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt in the event, but the win was changed to a no contest after Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene.

Velasquez last fought in February where Francis Ngannou knocked him out in just 26 seconds.

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Brock Lesnar defeats Cain Velasquez to retain the WWE Championship
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