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After broken jaw; Makdessi's future plans uncertain

After broken jaw; Makdessi’s future plans uncertain

After broken jaw; Makdessi’s future plans uncertain

John Makdessi helped Donald Cerrone and the UFC from cancelling a bout for UFC 187 when he stepped in on short notice to replace Khabib Nurmagomedov. Unfortunately for Makdessi he would suffer a TKO loss and a broken jaw after a second round head kick.

Makdessi (13-4, 6-4 in the UFC) underwent surgery and needed to have his jaw wired shut for six weeks to heal properly. According to Makdessi’s Facebook message to his fans, the 30-year old Canadian will is contemplating his next move in the sport.

During his message to the fans, Makdessi mentions that he feels he has a size and reach disadvantage in the lightweight division, and weighing in at 145 he will not feel strong enough. Makdessi would like to see another weight class between 155 and 145, adding more weight classes “like they do in boxing.”

It is unclear if Makdessi was hinting towards a weight class change, or perhaps retirement. Below you can read his official statement.

From John Makdessi’s Facebook page:

“It’s unfortunate I got my jaw broken in the fight I never experienced that in my whole life of competing. Im still at the hospital now I’m healing and reflecting. I fight for my future and to pay my bills I sacrifice my body and put everything on the line every time I step into that cage. I’m sorry I couldn’t do what I wanted to do I wasn’t there 100% but no excuses Donal Cerrone was a better man that night I wish I could of given you guys a better fight. But it is what it is. This is life. I always want to go out there and entertain the crowd.

In regards of my career I’m 30 years old now I’ve been competing since the age of 6 and turned professional at the age of 23. The 155 devision always leaves me at a disadvantage with opponents having the size and reach advantage and at 145 I won’t feel strong, be too weak and it won’t be good for my health. It’s to bad they don’t make more weight classes for the fighters like they do in boxing. I have to be smart I take to many risks fighting bigger guys, but I know it’s a business no ego involved. This fight I took a lot of damage. Never in my life took so much damage. Have to sit down with myself do a lot of thinking a lot of healing and see what I’m going to do next. Want to give a special thanks to Core Nutritional, Ben Hoffman and my team for all the support and help.To my fans thank u for all your support. I love u guys.”


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