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Bruno Cappelozza ‘couldn’t be happier’ that RIZIN deal expired and led him to PFL

Bruno Cappelozza is the nicest guy you could ever meet outside the cage – yet a true terror within it.

A former 205-pound light heavyweight, the 13-5 knockout artist was a problem prior to his current run up at heavyweight. He’s only become more of a nightmare since joining the PFL and adding three brutal knockouts to his resume to reach the season’s finals.

“I love the format,” Cappelozza told MyMMANews regarding his first PFL experience. “It fits like a glove with my style. I’m very anxious and happy to be in the finals.

“I’ve always trained with great heavyweights. I never really had a problem in that department. I’m usually around [242-pounds] on and off so just a transition – being able to eat whatever I want. Needless to say, I’m enjoying my run as a heavyweight.”

The 32-year old Brazilian had a three-year layoff before his arrival in the PFL – fans recognizing him most for his efforts overseas in the RIZIN ring.

Unfortunately for Cappelozza, his two appearances in Japan saw him on the receiving end of his only losses in a dozen fights. Therefore opening the door to this big – so far successful – journey.

“I had one more fight on my deal with RIZIN,” Cappelozza said. “It took a little longer for them to call me up so the deal ended up expiring and I couldn’t be happier with the way things ended up going. I was going to say I’m in one of the biggest shows in the world, I’d go back and I’d say I’m in the biggest show in the world.

“I fought for a lot of different organizations. I’ve never seen an organization treat fighters the way they treat out here at the PFL.

“After that [last loss], I was out for three years,” he continued. “I wouldn’t even say that that fight helped me develop physically. It was more of a mental thing. It put me at a great state of mind.”

With a fourth career PFL victory on Oct. 27 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cappelozza can become a champion and a million dollars richer. To do so, he just has to get through the man he put away 46-second into his promotion debut last May, Croatia’s Ante Delija.

“I haven’t undermined Ante for a second,” Cappelozza said. “I know how dangerous of a man he is and I’m sure he wants to make this a 1-1 [rivalry] on his record. But rest assured, he’s gonna meet someone with full power.”

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