Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast: KOTC Fighter Heather Bassett & ACC co-owner & Match Maker Eugene Perez

On the sixth episode of Carroll’s Corner MMA podcast, Kyle Carroll was joined by King of the Cage bantamweight, Heather Bassett, and Aggressive Combat Championships co-owner and match maker, Eugene Perez. We discussed the UFC Fight Night 81 results, local MMA news, and much more.

  • College Wrestling Wrap up- 

Each week we deliver dual meet scores of division I wrestling programs from across the country.

  • UFC News-

This week we talked about UFC Fight Night 81. It included the Long Island lightweight fighter, Chris Wade, Bantamweight title fight between T.J. Dillashaw and Dominic Cruz, and co-main event between former UFC champion Anthony Pettis and Eddie Alvarez. We also discussed hot topics being talked about all across social media; the eye pokes that happened to Matt Mitrone and the grabbing of the fence by Alvarez.

  • Interview with Aggressive Combat Championships co-owner & Match Maker Eugene Perez- 

We talked about the toughest aspects of putting together a fight card. Perez explained his procedure to matching up two fighters.

He also announced a fourth title bout for the Feb. 27th ACC 14 show at Queens Theater at Flushing Meadow Park. A light heavyweight bout between  Ken Sweeney and Damilola Ojo Powerson.

  • Director of U.S.M.T.A, Ed Kinner, Called into inform fighters about a promotion lying about being sanctioned-

Ed Kinner called into our show to get import information off his chest. When he called in, he informed us that a promotion had a fight over the weekend, and accused them of lying about being sanctioned by U.S.M.T.A. – Kinner informed us, this is the third show they have had and that they have not been sanctioned and therefore the fighters on the card are not insured.

  • King of the Cage Fighter Heather Bassett talked about her upcoming bout- 

Heather Bassett of Unified Martial Arts is set to step inside the cage again on Feb. 20th. Bassett is looking to string two victories in a row and use this victory to boost her to a 4-2 professional record. A win could launch her to the next level in her career.


Listen below to hear the entire show!

MMA Sports Talk Radio with Kyle Carroll

On Jan. 18, 2016, Kyle Carroll will be joined by Aggressive Combat Championship Match Maker, Eugene Perez, and King of the Cage fighter, Heather Bassett. Be sure to tune in to hear possible bouts for ACC in Feb. and about Heather’s run in fighting for King of the Cage.



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