CES MMA 48 weigh-in results - Greg Rebello vs Travis Wiuff, CES MMA 48 results

CES MMA 48 Results – Greg Rebello vs. Travis Wiuff

CES MMA holds CES MMA 48 tonight from the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The main card will air live on AXS TV. EVil Eddie of Pure EVil MMA is at the venue to bring you all the CES MMA 48 results.

In the main event, a heavyweight bout between two seasoned veterans in Travis Wiuff and Greg Rebello.

CES MMA 48 Results below:

FABIO CHERANT def JAMES DYSARD in :13 of round 1

ARMUS GUYTON def TOMMY DAVIS just 00:39 seconds into the first round to kick off his pro debut with momentum.

Official Decision : ANDON MAROTTE  def Jhon Costa via TKO at 1:26 of the 2nd round.

Hilarie Rose (Pro Debut) vs Linsey Williams (1-2)

Rd 1: Rose starts round one strong but is taken down in the second half of the round. Ultimetly Rose had more pressure and damage but Williams was able to control Rose on the ground to end the first.

10-9 Rose

Rd 2:  The second round begins right where the first ended, on the ground with Rose struggling to get off her back for the entire round.

10-9 Williams (19:19 going into the 3rd)

Rd 3 : Immediately we find ourselves in the same position, with Linsey Williams dominating ontop of Rose until the ref steps in with just 59 seconds remaining in the fight.

Official Decision : Linsey Williams def Rose via TKO with 59 seconds left in round 3

Dylan Lockard (3-0) vs Shane Manley (3-3)

RD1: Manley comes out strong and tags up the left eye of Lockard but Lockard comes back with an ice cold left hook that drops Manley and is able to gain control for the remainder of the first.

10-9 Lockard

RD2:  Manley gets the better of Lockard and is able to take him down and maintain top control to start the second as Lockard tries tirelessly to get back to his feet. Lockard is able to get back up with one min left, but is taken down once again and gets smothered for the remaining seconds.

10-9 Manley / 19-19 going into the 3rd

RD3 : Manley comes out finding success early working the jab and lands a stunning left hook on Lockard. Lockard continues to apply pressure but is clearly winded. (2:33) Lockard lands an heavy exchange that winds up on the mat as both fighters roll looking for a dominant position. (:30) A heavy takedown by Manley to end the round, most lily doing enough to hand Lockard his first professional loss.

Official Decision: (29-28 / 29-28 / 30-27) Winner by unanimous decision Shane Manley (4-3) def Dylan Lockard (3-1)

In his first fight in 7 years, American Veteran Brian “BJ” Marino (5-1) takes on Jerome Mickle (3-3)

RD 1: Early takedown lands for Marino after being clipped by Mickle in the opening seconds. (3:55) Marino with a superman punch.(3:17) Big left hand lands for Marino as he has Mickle baking up. Both fighters exchange heavy shots that stun one another but Marino recovers first and Mickle baits him in pretending he is still stunned. (:29) Marino lands a takedown to end the first round with a statement.

10-9 Marino

RD 2 : Manley begins round 2 calm and relaxed as he switches levels and gets the early takedown on Mickle with just over three mins remaining. (2:00) Marino is laying on top in half guard looking for full mount but the action retirns to the feet with one min remaining. Mickle lands a hard knee to the chin on Marino however it does not even faze the veteran as he pushes forward and gets a takedown to end the third.

10-9 Marino / 20-18 Marino

RD 3 : Mickle comes out looking fresh as he knows he must finish Marino if he plans on going home a winner tonight. (4:05) Marino gets the takedown. (2:48) Mickle creats distance and kicks off Marino, getting back to his feet. (2:20) Marino lands a heavy shot that stuns Mickle and pushes for a takedown with just over one min remaining in the fight. Manley returns to his feet with seconds left I the fight and pushes forward with hook after hook that take Marino to one knee before the ref steps in to end round three.

10-9 Marino / 30-27 Marino (EVil Eddies score card)

Official Decision:  30-27 / 30-27 / 29-28 Brian “BJ” Marino

Tim “The Bear” Caron vs Tim “The Good Soldier” Woods

Rd 1 : Tim Caron comes out exchanging heavy shots and gets tied up but is able to toss Woods over his hip that knocks Woods unconscious making Caron the winner at 1:23 of the first round.

Official Decision: Tim Caron defeats Tim Woods via TKO at 1:23 of round one.

Dinis “SweetBread” Paiva vs Kevin Barberina

Both fighers spend most of round one feeling the other out mixing in the ocasinal single jab. Paiva lands the first combonation that quickly stuns Barberna but Barberena followed with a counter knee and lands a takedown to end the first.

10-9 Dinis Paiva

RD 2 : Paiva comes out with a straight jab that lands but gets tied up by Barberena who takes him down in the first min. Paiva returns to his feet and is pushing forward as Barberena circles. (2:00) Paiva has Barberena backed against the cage and lands a shot that appear to have poked Barberena in the ye, however the ref does not see and makes them continue without a break from the null in action.

10-9 Dinis Paiva / 20-18 Paiva

RD 3 : Paiva comes out with confidence, hyping the crowd and taunting his opponent. Barberena attempts a spinning backfist that is quickly read by Paiva. Constant hands down pressure coming from Paiva as he backs Barberena back against the cage with a bloody mouth. (0:30) Paiva keeps pouring pressure with a pep I his step as the final seconds of the fight come to a close.

Official Decision: 30-26 / 30-26/ 30-27 Dinis “SweetBread” Paiva

Greg “Ribz” Rebello (23-8) vs Travis “Diesel” Wiuff (75-21-1)

RD 1 : Travis comes out and looks for an early takedown but is answered with heavy shots from above as Greg Rebello layed all he had behind every shot leading to a TKO finish in just 23 seconds. We have a new Champion.

Official Decision: Greg “Ribz” Rebello defeats Travis “Diesel” Wiuff at 23 seconds of the first round.


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