Chris Wade, PFL 1

Photo provided by PFL MMA

Chris Wade Wins Featherweight Debut in a Grinding Battle

Chris Wade of Long Island MMA captures a win in the season opener of the Professional Fighters League. PFL 1 of season three took place at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The fight card is headlined by Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and Clay Collard. This year’s playoffs will look leaner as only four fighters will make the playoffs in the division, compared to the previous seasons of eight fighters.

Wade battled the French native, Anthony Dizy in a grappling-heavy bout. It was the former American wrestler though that used striking to separate himself eventually from the Frenchman on the judges’ scorecards.

The first round was captured by Dizy as he hung on Wade trying to out control him with minor strikes. Dizy scored a few stiff strikes that appeared to fluster Wade as he stumbled onto his backside a couple of times before Dizy used his Greco-Roman wrestling skills to drag Wade to the canvas. Outside of control, Dizy didn’t apply any damage to Wade. As a wrestler himself, Wade proved his mental toughness as he didn’t allow Dizy’s clinching to fatigue him and kept moving on the bottom. According to PFL’s new Fighter Performance Rating algorithm, Dizy took round one 82-45.

In round two, Wade grinded through Dizy’s clinch and grappling as he reversed him several times while also attempting a few submissions. Wade was able to outstrike Dizy and capture round two on the judges’ scorecards and round two on PFL’s Fighter Performance Rating 60-41.

In round three, Wade avoided any serious time underneath Dizy as he landed a knee to the face of Dizy which cut him open and changed the momentum of the fight. Wade expressed his disbelief that Dizy absorbed the knee and remained standing. Long Island MMA Coach, Ryan Laflare can be heard encouraging Wade to pick up the pace. Keeping his distance and utilizing his kicks and combinations, Wade overcame his early first-round deficit. Wade opened up the game according to the FPR as he won round three 74-34 and in the judges’ eyes.

The Islip, New York native is now 6-3 in the PFL and 18-6 in his MMA career. He earned three points for his victory against Dizy. A long road ahead of Wade to capture the PFL featherweight belt and Million Dollar prize, but he’s one step closer now.

The official decision was Chris Wade def. Anthony Dizy via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


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