Clint Hester

Clint Hester Talks Breaking Bad, High Interest Rates, Shopping at Express

Clint Hester

Tony Reid of speaks with former UFC fighter Clint Hester.  Hester first appeared on the UFC scene during the Ultimate Fighter Season 17 in 2012 and stayed with the organization until 2016.  He talks on a variety of topics below:


What was the first car you ever owned?

“The first car I ever owned was a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. It’s funny because everyone says you live and you learn. I’m a perfect example of that. I bought a different car, a 2004 two door. The first one I got raped on the deal. High interest rate, high loan payment. At 19 years old there was no way I was not going to default on that car. I was set up for failure. So now I have a two door. Those are the learning experiences that you have in life.”

So what is your dream car?

“I was talking to my mom the other day and told her I was going to buy a Mercedes. That will be my next purchase. I don’t know if that’s next year or five years from now but that is my dream car and that is a goal of mine.”


What genre of music do you listen to most?

“I’m into hip hop and R&B. If you look at my page now you will see mostly rap. My favorite artist right now is ASAP Rocky. That CD is great. I like Drake’s new album. Those are just a few of the artist I like.”


What TV Shows are you currently watching?

“I am really getting into Breaking Bad now that I have Netflix. I have been watching Breaking Bad a lot. That show is awesome. I didn’t watch it when it was on live but I love it now. I just watched the first three episodes and I love it. I love the show Entourage, too. I like shows that are interesting that have me wanting to come back and watch the next episode and one season to the next.”

If you could be a part of any TV Show which one would you want to be cast on?

“I would have loved to be a part of Entourage. It looks like they had so much fun making that show. It looks like it would be a fun atmosphere to be a part of.”

Do you watch any sports?

“I love watching football, baseball and a little basketball. I also love UFC and boxing of course. I am a Philly Fanatic. I love the Eagles, the Sixers and the Phillies. I don’t even watch hockey but I’m a Flyers fan. The first nine years of my life I was in South Jersey. I was either going to be a Giants fan or an Eagles fan. I was either going to be a Phillies fan or a Mets fan. I’m just Philly all around.”


Which actor would you want to play you in a story about your life?

“As far as an actor playing me…I don’t even have an answer for that at the moment.”

What is the last movie you watched?

“Wolf of Wall Street. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was great!”

If you could punch any one actor in the face who would you want to punch and why?

“Maybe Rocky. I just want to see if he can take my punch. I want to test his chin.”


How would you best describe your personal style?

“Just laid back looking for a good time! I’m just looking to socialize and have fun. I want to be wild and have fun.”

Are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy?

“I would have to say a nice t-shirt from Express or something like that. Also a pair of jeans and some casual sneakers. Pretty laid back, nothing too flashy.”

You mentioned Express. Are there other certain labels or lines you generally buy?

“If it’s not Express it really doesn’t matter. I like button down shirts sometimes.”

Speaking of clothes, I saw your post earlier about the people fighting over the new Air Jordan kicks. What are your thoughts on that madness?

“I think it’s retarded. You are fighting over shoes and the same damn shoes will be out again in a few weeks and then next year the same damn shoes and even more colors. Its crazy how many people think that what you wear or what you drive defines you. It shouldn’t be about what you wear or what you drive it should be about you as a person and your character that defines you. Steve Jobs wore some Nikes that you could buy from a discount store or Levi’s jeans and a Kohl’s t-shirt. His clothes didn’t define him, what he did defined him. Sometimes your looks can get you into places you don’t deserve to be instead of the brainpower and the type of person you are and how hard you are willing to work.”

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