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Colbey Northcutt on competing in a ring vs the ONE Circle

Interview with Colbey Northcutt above

ONE on TNT IV Media Day went down last night ahead of the huge card on Wednesday, April 28th. The stacked martial arts event emanates from Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Both the lead and main cards feature compelling bouts with a myriad of combatants taking part in media Q&A ahead of their respective bouts. I spoke with Colbey Northcutt ahead of her sophomore foray under the ONE Championship banner.

ONE on TNT IV Media Day

I’m just curious because the debut outing being in more of a ring kind of confine and this one being in the ONE Circle here, it seems like the grappling in this last camp has really been a big area of growth for you.

Do you think that’s really going to present itself in a fight whereby there could be more combative interaction along The Wall?

“That’s a great question. I do feel like that is, yeah. Obviously, the ring is a little bit different for an MMA fight. You got the ropes and you got the corners. So it does prevent some movement. And you can’t obviously wall walk up the cage and things like that. So I’m happy to be in a cage and I’m happy that it’s a circle. So the circle helps me utilize my movement and my reach a little bit more. On my distance and my footwork in the cage.”

“Also having such an aggressive fighter that I’m going to be facing, the cage will help me. It could help her too. If it does go to the ground, help us both get up. I have been working a lot of my wrestling, my cage work, and my ground and pound. So I think the cage could be definitely an advantage for myself. But depending on who you’re facing, it could be a disadvantage.

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