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Watch: Colby Covington searches for Dana White in a casino and demands answers about title shot

At UFC 235, Tyron Woodley will look to defend his welterweight title against Kamaru Usman, not Colby Covington as initially expected. Covington who was the interim champion was promised the next title shot but was passed over by Darren Till at UFC 228 and then passed over at UFC 235 by Usman.

Now Covington has made it known he wants the next title shot or to be released by the UFC.

“I’ve already built a great life for myself. I came from the projects, I came from trailer parks, growing up with one parent, just my mom, having to work four jobs,” Covington said to TSN a few weeks ago.“I don’t need anything anymore. I’ve already made enough money where I’m healthy and I have investments and I have enough going on in my life that I don’t need to fight ever again. You may never see me fight again. That’s a possibility right now.”

While UFC President, Dana White said at UFC Brooklyn he will not release Covington.

“Colby Covington couldn’t fight when we wanted him to fight, so now he wants to be released. No, you’re not going to be released. You’re going to get another fight, you’re probably going to fight out your contract unless we decide not to and that’s that,” White told TSN in Brooklyn.

“This is a business of opportunity. When opportunity knocks, open the door. If you do not, I move on and I start making other plans. Then we’ll get back to you and we’ll come up with another plan for you. I don’t get mad at these guys, whatever, you didn’t fight when it was time for you to fight, so somebody else got the fight and we’ll see what’s next for you. I have nothing against Colby Covington.”

Following that, Covington landed in Las Vegas where he crashed Kamaru Usman’s open workout and then decided to go into the casino’s to search for White. There he found White and demanded answers for why he wasn’t given the title shot.

“I just want an explanation why I’m not fighting for the belt this weekend,” Covington tells White.

“Stop filming,” White replies. “Stop filming me.”

The question still remains of whether or not Covington gets the next title shot. For now, Covington remains dissapointed he was passed over.

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