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Anthony Smith doesn’t believe Jon Jones deserves rematch if he beats him

In the main event of the stacked UFC 235 card, Jon Jones is looking to defend his light heavyweight title against challenger, Anthony Smith.

Ultimately, many don’t believe Smith has any chance. He is a huge underdog on the betting lines to dethrone Jones. Part of the reason is the fact many believe Jones is the greatest fighter ever. He also hasn’t gotten hurt that bad in any fights. However, Smith is confident he has what it takes to beat Jones, and once he does, he isn’t sure if ‘Bones’ deserves an immediate rematch.

“When they first started asking that question, it was a quick yeah,” Smith told ESPN regarding a hypothetical immediate rematch against Jon Jones. “But then, the more you think about it, like, why? Why does he get an immediate rematch? Why?

“Like, we’ve already set the precedent. Stipe Miocic didn’t get one. Daniel Cormier didn’t give him his immediate rematch. You know, he went on, and did his thing, and went on to the next challenge. I don’t see why I can’t do the same.”

Smith does raise a valid point. In the fact that arguably the greatest heavyweight of all-time in Stipe Miocic didn’t get an immediate rematch. Meanwhile, Jose Aldo, arguably the greatest featherweight ever didn’t get one after Conor McGregor knocked him out in just 13 seconds.

For Smith, he would rather fight someone else in his first title defense and then fight Jones. However, for Smith to do that, he needs to shock the world and beat Jones on Saturday night. Which is easier said than done. But, Smith has said all week Jones is underestimating him. He is ready to pounce on the opportunity to hear ‘And New.’ As well, Smith has stated he is a better fighter and has better jiu-jitsu than Jones to exploit his weaknesses come fight night.

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