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Brian Ortega

Brian Ortega looking to fight Jose Aldo next

Brian Ortega is looking to get back into the Octagon soon.

‘T-City’ is coming off of a doctor stoppage loss to Max Holloway at UFC 231 for the featherweight title. Ortega, who was undefeated at the time was on a roll and many predicted he would win the fight. Now, however, Ortega will have to work his way back up to the top of the rankings and he already knows how he will do that. He will do that by fighting Jose Aldo, the former UFC featherweight king.

“Whichever makes sense to get me closer to the title,” Ortega told FanSided when asked who he wants to fight next. “I’ve never had anything personal against anyone of these guys. I always chase the title and the fights that will make me the number one guy in the world. Right now, the only fight that makes sense is [Jose] Aldo. We both lost to Max and we’re number one and two. He beat everyone else and I beat everyone else. It’s just me and you. Unless you want to fight down — and that’s fine — but I want to fight up.”

If this fight does happen, it would be interesting to see just how good Ortega’s striking is. The 28-year-old was clearly outstruck by Holloway but most fighters are. With a fight against Aldo, Ortega would have to be careful of the explosive body punches we are accustomed too.

If the fight does indeed happen, it would most likely happen at UFC 237 in Brazil, as Aldo has stated he only wants to fight three-round fights and in Brazil to end his career.

There is no doubt Ortega vs Aldo would be a fun fight, but the former champion said he wants to fight Alexander Volkanovski next. If that is the case, Ortega won’t get his wish and will have to look to fight someone else.

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