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Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club Pro Show Results

Over the last few years, the competitive Jiu Jitsu community has seen a strong upswing in professional Jiu Jitsu events. These events give high-level grapplers a chance to perform under the bright lights, similar to other combat sport athletes. Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club is one of the newest organizations to host professional events after putting together several successful tournaments.

Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club

Saturday, September 7th Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club held its inaugural Professional Jiu Jitsu event at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado. There are several things that set this event apart. 

colorado jiu jitsu club

Jiu Jitsu in a Cage

Matches for the Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club event took place inside a cage rather than an open mat. Though many gi competitors were tentative to work up against the fence, many no-gi competitors were more than happy for the prop. Several matches included experienced professional MMA competitors. 

Level Up Tournament (Belt Promotion)

The event also included a belt promotion competition. Prior to entering, the competitor’s coaches agreed that winning this part of the event would allow their grappler to promote from blue belt to purple. The tournament consisted of four competitors and two alternates, all high-level blue belts. 

Level Up Tournament Results

First Round

Dillon  Dewberry def Mitch Seybold via first round Arm Bar

Kirk Branckmann def T.J. Hughes  via first round Arm Bar

Alternate Match 

Tyler Ruona def Brenden Brown via Ankle Lock

Third Place Match

T.j. Hughes def Mitch Seybold in overtime for 3rd place

Finals Match 

Dillon Dewberry def Kirk Branckmann via North-South Collar Choke to earn his purple belt

Caleb Crump pro jiu jitsu
Caleb Crump def Michael Martinez via Rear Naked Choke

Undercard Results 

Danny Gonzalez def Derek Nye via referee decision after overtime

Daniel Calvert def Hector Alvarado via Arm Bar in overtime 

Clayton Wimer def Brian Lopez via Rear Naked Choke

Walker Madden def Carlos Rubio via Rear Naked Choke

Caleb Crump def Michael Martinez via Rear Naked Choke

Courtney King Pro Jiu Jitsu
Courtney King def Barb Cueller via Darce Choke

Main Card Results 

Michael McCann def Alfredo Corona via kneebar

Courtney King def Barb Cueller via Darce Choke

Tyler Hampton def Robert Lamorie via Arm Bar

Josh Copeland def Daniel Gallemore via Rear Naked Choke in Overtime

Sharon Jacobson def Megan Winick via Americana

Vance Barksdale def Joe Miles via Collar Choke

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