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Conor McGregor brings his A Game in Toronto threatens Mayweather

Conor McGregor brings his A-Game in Toronto, threatens Mayweather

Things got heated today in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  On day two of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor World Tour Press Conference, the two combatants in what is expected to be the biggest fight in combat sports history, went for each other’s jugulars.

McGregor probed Mayweather about his tax issues, and even insulted him by insinuating that he can’t read.

Mayweather continued to assault McGregor’s pay days and said that Dana White runs the shows, not McGregor.

Then Mayweather broke out the flag of Ireland and you could see McGregor tense up. He wasn’t about to allow his future opponent to disrespect his country.  The UFC lightweight champion grabbed Mayweather’s bag and pulled out a stack of money.  It appeared as if he was going to throw the cash into the crowd.

“There’s about…….. that’s it….. that’s it.  There’s about five grand in here.  There’s about five grand in here.  Fck me.  You do something with that flag, you ain’t getting this money, or this bag back, and I’m gonna fck you up on this stage.”

Watch below:

The crowd which seemed to be in favor of Mayweather yesterday in Los Angeles, appeared to have switched sides today, rooting more for the Irishman in Toronto.

What will the next two stops in London and New York bring?

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