Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone - Head to Head

Conor McGregor’s coach Owen Roddy: ‘Fans would love’ McGregor vs ‘Cowboy’

Conor McGregor has his Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) hearing today to find out what kind of punishment will be handed down for the UFC 229 post-fight melee. However, if McGregor gets a reasonable suspension or no suspension at all, the next logical fight for him is against Donald Cerrone.

‘Cowboy’ called out McGregor following his win over Alexander Hernandez in which McGregor responded saying he has gotten the fight. While McGregor and Cerrone seem like they want the fight, so too does Conor McGregor’s coach, Owen Roddy.

“The Cerrone one, it looks good,” Roddy said to Eurobash.

“It’s a fan favorite fight. Cerrone comes out and he looks to swing and Conor’s going to be looking to knock him out. The banter beforehand, I don’t see it being as [turbulent], I think it will be funny. Both guys will go back and forth and that will be exciting for fans. I think it would be a very exciting fight.”

Although that seems like the fight, Max Holloway seems to be wanting that fight as well. He took a trip to Dublin and a tour of Jameson Whiskey saying it is the best Irish whiskey in the world. However, even though they have history, Roddy still believes Cerrone is next for McGregor.

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“[Holloway is] putting the digs in. I saw the post of him the other day in the Jameson [Distillery]…but I don’t know,” he said. “I think the Cerrone one…because [McGregor and Cerrone] both engaged directly…Conor said he’d do it and then Cerrone said he’d do it…I think that might be in the pipeline.

“I can’t confirm that 100 percent obviously, but I think the fans would love it. It’s a great fight that people want to see,” Roddy continued. “They can see the two of them in there, standing up and having a bang.”

Ultimately, although it seems like both parties want the fight between Cerrone and McGregor, Roddy still knows it may not happen. McGregor is stubborn and can pick his shots and hold out for a Khabib Nurmagomedov rematch. However, the hope is, McGregor returns to the Octagon and ‘Cowboy’ is standing across the Octagon from him.

“Conor is a superstar. He could turn around and say, ‘No, I want to fight Khabib’, and he could probably swing it, just because he can. But when you lose a fight you sometimes have to fight someone else. Again, I don’t know, anything could happen with Conor, but I think [Cerrone] is a good fight. I would enjoy that and I think everyone would enjoy that.

“We’d enjoy the camp, we’d enjoy the build up…everyone would enjoy the buildup. It would be a nice fight.”

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