Curtis Blaydes outwrestles Alexander Volkov in decision victory

Curtis Blaydes outwrestles Alexander Volkov in decision victory

The world’s largest MMA promotion is back in Las Vegas, Nevada for the fourth-consecutive week tonight, Saturday, June 20.

UFC on ESPN 11 takes place inside the UFC Apex and is headlined by heavyweight contenders Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov. 

Blaydes comes into the bout on a three-fight win streak, defeating Junior Dos Santos, Shamil Adburakhimov and Justin Willis. Blaydes only has two losses, both to Drancis N’Gannou. 

Volkov, a former Bellator heavyweight champion, is 5-1 with the UFC. He most recently defeated Greg Hardy via unanimous decision at UFC on ESPN+ 21 in November 2019. 

His only UFC loss is a third-round TKO against Derrick Lewis at UFC 229 in October 2018. 

Here is how the heavyweight bout between Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov went down at UFC on ESPN 11, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


They tap gloves. Blaydes shoots for an immediate takedown. Volkov scoots back tot he cage. Blaydes hooks the ankle as Vokov works up, returns him to the mat. Volkov keeps working to his feet, Blaydes remains on the back on Volkov. Blaydes lands some punches while Volkov keeps working up. Volkov is on one knee with Blaydes putting his weight on him. Blaydes keeps his hands wrapped around Volkov. Volkov eats some strikes as he tries to stand. Blaydes returns him to the canvas. Blaydes is near the back of Volkov, keeps landing knees from behind. Volkov on one knee, stuck under the pressure of Blaydes. Volkov drops to both knees, while Blaydes remains on top. Blaydes peppering Volkov with short punches. Blaydes sinks in one hook. Volkov looks for a kimura, but gives it up. Volkov gets to his feet, but Blaydes drags Volkov down. Blaydes finishes the round by controlling Volkov from behind. scores it 10-9 for Blaydes. 


Blaydes comes out throwing leather. Blaydes lands a leg kick, followed by a right cross. Blaydes works a jab, faints and gets a takedown. Volkov scoots to the cage again. Volkov wizards and gets to his feet. Blaydes able to trip and pull Volkov back to the mat. Blaydes is in the full guard of Volkov. Volkov throws some short elbows from his back. Blaydes throws some strikes from the top position. Blaydes taking his time from top position, remains in guard. Blaydes throws a heavy right elbow. Volkov eats some ground and pound. Blaydes gets up and the two trade. Blaydes scores a takedown to end the round. scores it 20-18 for Blaydes. 


Both men come forward, Blaydes waste little time and puts Volkov against the cage. Blaydes backs off. Volkov works a jab, but Blaydes presses Volkov against the cage again. Volkov turns, but Blaydes puts Volkov against the cage again. Blaydes lands another takedown. Volkov gets his back tot he cage, Blaydes controlling the legs as Volkov sits on the canvas. Blaydes lands some short shots. Volkov tries to stand, but Blaydes pressures down. Volkov eats some punches against the cage. Blaydes takes the back, no hooks. Volkov is on one knee. Volkov looks for a guillotine, Blaydes slips his head out. Volkov uses the cage to get up. Volkov separates. Volkov defends another takedown. Another dominant round for Blaydes. scores it 30-27 for Blaydes. 


Volkoc throws a front kick. Blaydes changes levels and gets the back of Volkov. Blaydes is able to drag Volkov to the ground. Volkov is against the cage, but Blaydes stays glued to the left leg of Volkov. Blaydes keeps working to return Volkov to the mat. Volkov gets is able to break loose, but Blaydes shoots for another takedown. Volkov defends. Volkov comes forward, but Blaydes earns another takedown. Blaydes sits in the full guard of Volkov. Blaydes is warned by referee Herb Dean about standing up. Volkov lands some elbows from his back. Dean lets both fighters stand. Blaydes drops for another takedown, Volkov lands a knee. Volkov comes forward and puts Blaydes against the cage. Blaydes is bleeding. Volkov earns a takedown of his own and ends the round with ground and pound. scores it 40-36 for Blaydes. 


The two tap gloves. Volkov lands a jab and keeps walking down Blaydes. Blaydes counters a jab from Volkov with a right. Volkov lands a kick as Blaydes come sin for a takedown. Blaydes is able to slip under and shoot for a takedown. Blaydes able to get Volkov to his butt. Volkov is on his butt, but has his back against the cage. Blaydes still bleeding. Volkov gets hand control and escapes, but Blaydes shoots for a takedown. Volkov puts Blaydes against the cage. Blaydes gets free, but shoots for another takedown. Blaydes unable to finish, but presses Volkov against the cage. Blaydes gets Volkov to one knee, but Volkov keeps defending. Volkov land some right hands. Blaydes gets on top. Volkov looks for a triangle, but unable to get his right leg around. Blaydes still on top. Blaydes finishes the round on top. scores it 50-45 for Curtis Blaydes. 

Official result: Curtis Blaydes def. Alexander Volkov via unanimous decision [49-46, 48-47, 48-46]

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