Cynthia Arceo

After troubles finding an opponent, Cynthia Arceo is ready to do her thing at KOTC Combat Zone

Cynthia Arceo will be part of King of the Cage “Combat Zone” this Saturday, February 23, but the process of finding an opponent has been a challenge in itself. Currently “Sin” is scheduled to face Teresa Bless.

What’s it been like finding a foe for this event?
“We had three opponents and now we have her. That’s the confirmed bout for right now.”

How much of a continued trending worry it’s been for you finding opponents?
“It’s part of the fight game. It just happens a lot. We just have to keep it steady, keep training and hope that I get an opponent. I actually have to move up in weight this time to Flyweight.”

Last time you fought you suffered your first professional loss; how did it ignite your fire?
“Definitely a lot, it’s a learning experience. Like I mentioned to my fans on social media, it’s a sequence of events of different things. Unfortunately, it’s just not perfect when you get into the cage there’s a lot of variables, what happen outside the cage, I made mistakes and we paid for them. It’s a learning experience and it how you take that. I’m better than ever. I’m looking forward to getting in there and showing everybody that it’s not just about leaning. It’s about going in there and doing your thing.”

How big of a challenge is this weekend short notice opponent and going up in weight?
“I love challenges. I’ve never back down from a fight. I’m looking forward to getting back in there and doing my thing. We have nothing on the spider there’s no video there’s no nothing. It’s honestly going in there and doing my fight.”

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