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Danny Ochart Interview – Jack Hammer Promotion’s English Invasion 3 Media Day Carroll's Corner Podcast Events Interviews MMA News 

Danny Ochart Interview – Jack Hammer Promotion’s English Invasion 3 Media Day

Danny Ochart Interview – Jack Hammer Promotion’s English Invasion 3 Media Day

Danny Ochart, a member of Team USA for Jack Hammer Promotion’s international fight card, speaks to Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast about his upcoming fight with Zach Evans of Team England. English Invasion 3 takes place on April 15, 2018, where seven fighters for each Team USA and Team England will battle for the Jack Hammer Amateur Lightweight World Title.

Evans, an undefeated fighter, and owner of seven world titles will be facing one of Long Island’s former MMA bantamweight amateur champions. Ochart has taken some time off from the sport due to “life just getting in the way,” has returned and trains out of Extreme Unique MMA. Ochart is a high paced fighter that is capable of ending any bout with a single strike.

In the interview, Ochart discusses how he plans to take the fight to Evans while sticking to his strategy. Ochart is a super personable guy and easy to get along with. He comes off as too nice to be a fighter, but don’t take his kindness as a weakness. This Team USA member is a highly talented fighter.

Listen to the interview below from Jack Hammer Promotion’s English Invasion 3 Media Day, which took place Sunday, March 18, at Campbell’s Kickboxing in Amityville, New York. Make sure you get your tickets now as they are selling fast. Ochart is a high ticket seller and will have the American crowd behind him as he battles for the Amateur lightweight World Championship on April 15.

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Danny Ochart Interview- Team USA

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