Max Rohskopf

Photo courtesy of Rohskopf's Instagram account.

Despite getting the call to the UFC, Max Rohskopf won’t be excited until he accomplishes his goals

Getting the call to fight in the UFC is usually a big moment for a fighter who has dreamed about getting for a very long time. But for top prospect Max Rohskopf, despite getting the call to fight at UFC Fight Night Blaydes vs. Volkov on June 20,  he won’t be excited until he actually accomplishes something in the UFC.

“For me its not really, I don’t know, I haven’t done anything yet. It’s kinda weird for me, everyone congratulating me,” said Rohskopf.

“Once I accomplish some things, I’ll be happy about it, but I’m not really satisfied making it to the UFC.”

That focus comes from a lifetime of accomplishments in sports. Max Rohskopf is a former All-American wrestler at North Carolina State and continued having success in his MMA career as he is currently undefeated at 5-0. With a strong background and great record, Rohskopf was able to attract the attention of the media and fans around the world who have been waiting to see himself tested against higher level opponents. That opportunity came faster than even Rohskopf thought it would.

“I was told I was on the Contender Series and they were going to book me for August and then a couple days later Butler (his manager, Brian Butler-Au of SuckerPunch Ent.) called me and said “hey, I heard someone might be pulling out at 55, do whatever you gotta do and make sure you’re ready.” Then the next day he told me who it would be then a couple hours after that called to confirm a one hundred percent that I would be in.”

Rohskopf got the news about the fight just ten days before the event will take place but he says that’s not an issue as he hasn’t missed a day of training since the start of the pandemic. He did say that he has limited who he trains with to who he trains with regularly in order to ensure he is staying safe, but there was no hesitation on his part to accept the fight.

That fight will be against Austin Hubbard, a three fight UFC veteran and a former LFA champion. Hubbard has more experience than Max Rohskopf in the cage but he has lost before unlike Rohskopf who is currently undefeated. Hubbard has lost two out of his three UFC fights and those losses have come to fighters who have been able to take him down and control him there which is right up Rohskopf’s alley. But the talented mixed martial artist believes, just because someone else has done it, doesn’t mean he will be able to.

“It’s easy to sit back and look at tape and past results and have a game plan and have an idea of how its going to go (but) I’ve competed for so long and I’ve had enough fights that just because it says X and Y on paper, it doesn’t mean (its going to happen). I’m just expecting a tough skilled guy who is going to be prepared and ready to go. That’s how I’ve approached all my fights.”

Though he doesn’t believe he can rely on past performances to dictate how his fight with Hubbard will go, Rohskopf does believe his wrestling and jiu jitsu will be a significant element in the fight. And as always does, he says he will be looking for the finish on the ground.

“I’m always looking for the sub.”

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