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Dominick Cruz explains why ‘two years is nothing’ for T.J. Dillashaw’s suspension

T.J. Dillashaw recently relinquished his bantamweight title and was suspended two years by USADA for EPO use. Although many believe Dillashaw’s legacy is tarnished he still will have a chance to return to the UFC and try to reclaim his bantamweight title.

Although he is suspended for two years, his longtime rival in Dominick Cruz believes two years is not that long. And, Dillashaw can use this time to recover from injuries and return fully healthy and potentially, better than ever.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did or he didn’t test [positive], to be honest,” Cruz said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “Realistically, I have no attachments to TJ Dillashaw or his decisions. I just don’t. He chose this… I actually feel bad for him. Regardless of what I think, the world believes that there’s an asterisk next to it (his career). Same with Jon Jones. There’s an asterisk next to the story. So at this point, I think he’s gonna come back. Two years really is nothing. I’ve been out longer than that injured. And he’s just gonna get healthy.

“That’s all that’s gonna happen. TJ Dillashaw’s gonna take two years, raise his kid. Probably be a good father to his kid which is better for his family. He’s gonna heal up. Who knows what he’s gonna do in his off time. Who knows how much healthier, how much better he gets, if he fills any gaps. I honestly think that when TJ Dillashaw comes back he’s gonna be better than he was when he left. Because he’s gonna be rested and he’s gonna have time for his family.

“[The suspension time is] being played out as a much bigger picture than it is. If anything it’s a gift.”

In the end, Dillashaw said it himself as he needs to heal himself up which is exactly what these two years will be for.

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