Myles Humphus Dwayne Johnson stunt double

Myles Humphus - Dwayne Johnson stunt double

‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson’s stunt double – former MMA fighter at Ring of Combat

Even the biggest and strongest of actors have a stunt double when it comes to filming in Hollywood, so when ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson needs someone to take the bumps and bruises, former mixed martial artist Myles Humphus gets the call.

The 39-year old, 250-pound man with a 6’3″ frame grew up in Georgia where he played football and attended military school.

He eventually made his way north and was living in a van when he turned to fighting.

There are conflicting reports as to what his actual amateur mixed martial arts record truly is.  Tapology states that Humphus lost his Ring of Combat fight to Dan Martin via KO in New Jersey in 2011, while Sherdog has it listed as a victory in favor of the stunt man.

Then also has the fight listed as a loss for Humphus, but then includes a fight that the two previous sites did not include; a 20-second TKO win over Cristian Collazos at 4th New Jersey KAPMMA Amateur Championships in 2010.

Humphus was spotted by Hollywood stunt coordinator Doug Crosby during his days as a mixed martial artist and from there things just took off, leading to roles on Saturday Night Live, and then eventually movies.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson left and Myles Humphus right
The Rock Dwayne Johnson left and Myles Humphus right

“He saw me fighting, and he said ‘Hey, you want to be in movies?’” Humphus recalls. “I was like if it pays more than three hundred bucks a night, and I won’t get punched in the face, I’ll do it.”

His role is usually to play a scary silent guy, and he admits jokingly: “Bodyguard. Bouncer. Military stuff. It’s always, ‘Big Scary Guy.’ I could be more than that. Like, ‘Big Scary Guy Who’s Scared of Butterflies,’ you know? Give him a little bit of something.’”

He has earlier worked as a stunt double for The Rock in movies like ‘Hercules’, ‘Furious 7′ and HBO’s ‘Ballers’.

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