Tonya Evinger: If you have a vagina, I want to fight you

Tonya Evinger telling that we are #1

Expect fireworks when Tonya Evinger gets on the mic to promote UFC 214

If you have never witnessed UFC women’s featherweight title contender Tonya Evinger on the microphone, you are in for a treat as the widely popular UFC newcomer prepares to promote her upcoming fight, the biggest one of her career.

Evinger, who was recently named as a replacement for Megan Anderson in the UFC 214 co-main event, has a storied highlight reel career in the sport of mixed martial arts, but her interviews are sometimes equally entertaining, if not better.

I believe it was said best earlier this week on the SFLC Podcast when Jose Youngs of Fansided MMA compared Evinger to ‘The Black Beast’ Derrick Lewis.  Young said that Evinger’s Instagram is just as dirty and entertaining as the comedic UFC heavyweight.

Full of dick and fart jokes, Evinger has the personality that you would want entertaining you at your backyard barbeque.  She’ll keep you on your toes, and will deliver a punch line like a knockout blow in a heavyweight boxing match when you least expect it.

She is the newcomer to the UFC, and after years of fans lobbying to get the Invicta FC bantamweight champion signed, she is finally here.

The casual fan might not have any idea who Evinger is but that does not mean she is new to the game. She’s coming to the UFC and fighting for the vacant featherweight title in her very first fight with the organization.  There are going to be questions as to why she is there, and doubt as to if she is worthy of the shot……. but make no mistake about it, Tonya Evinger is an original gangster when it comes to the women’s MMA.

Evinger has long been considered a pioneer of the sport, she just never received an opportunity to shine.

Now that she is here, she has to make people remember her name.

While Evinger and Cyborg may be respectful of one another, Evinger has to put a stamp on selling this fight.  It’s a make or break type deal. It is almost a sure bet. Head over to Casumo UK for all your gaming action.

If Evinger goes out there and fulfills her media obligations without being the same old Tonya, people will take notice. She has to use her foul mouth and get people talking about the fight.  If she doesn’t, and she loses the fight, the casual fan will have written her off.  They didn’t see or learn anything about her, except that she lost.

She may begin the upcoming media tour and press conferences by being respectful of her opponent, but sooner or later “Filthy” is going to come out.  It’s only a matter of time.


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