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Eyelash Makeup – How To Use Your Lash serum, Pencil, Liquid, And Powder Eyeliners

There are some common eyelash makeups you can use to enhance the appearance of your lashes. In this short content, we explain briefly how you can use each of them, including their pros and cons. In the end, we present you with the best option. So, let’s get started.

How to Apply Lash Serum

To get the best result from your eyelash serums you must learn some vital tips in applying lash serums. Many women don’t consult with experts or read instructions carefully before using the products which often cause grave side effects. A quick search on the internet would have prevented an unwanted side effect.


Liquid Eyeliner

This eyelash product gives a dramatic effect because of its intense color pigment. They come with a soft or hard felt-tipped or brush-tipped. Women mostly prefer the brush-tipped liquid eyeliners because they are easy to manipulate.

Hard tips offer more precision while soft tips feel better around the eyes, so the call is yours to make. Liquid eyeliners are excellent for making the eyes appear bigger especially in low light.

The con of liquid liners is that, unlike eye pencils (which we discuss below), they are harder to use, and there is a high tendency that they will run. They are also difficult to clean thoroughly, which may damage your beautiful lashes in the long run.

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliners are what most women started their makeup routine with. The reason is that they are easy to manipulate, use, and they can give different results. For instance, you can apply a clean line for the day while you smudge them over for a bulgy eyes effect at night.

They come in different colors, and you can apply it on your upper and lower lashes. Pencil Eyeliners last longer on the lashes too.

The downside of pencil eyeliners is that they tend to smudge, especially when you sweat excessively. You can avoid the smudge problem by using black plum shades or espresso instead of the regular black pencil liners.

Powder Eyeliner

Powder Eyeliners don’t offer as much a dramatic look as liquid liners. But you can always use it to achieve a subtle look. First, wet your applicator and apply the shadow. You may use a glittery shadow for a night out and matte during the day. Most women also use eye shadow to set liquid eyeliners, preventing them from smudging.

Fluid Liner

Fluid liners come in between pencil liners and liquid liners. They come in small containers, and you can easily apply them with your regular eyeliner brush or a flat angle brush. You can use them for a long time; this is because you only need to apply little quantity at a time. You can use your fluid liner to create a dramatic or subtle effect depending on how best you blend the line with your brush.

You can substitute your fluid liner with your liquid liner. Like liquid eyeliner, there is a high tendency that it will smudge too.

So, what is The Best Option

Using these eyelash products is to give your lashes the illusion that they are fuller and longer. The effect doesn’t go past a few hours a day. Applying any of them is time-consuming and stressful, not to talk of the damaging effect on your lashes in the long run.

Why not use an eyelash booster that is much easier to apply, giving you a long-term result without irritating or damaging your natural lashes? Click on the link below to get started.


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