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Fabricio Andrade sends warning to top of bantamweight division after first-round victory at ONE: Full Circle

Following his first-round win at ONE: Full Circle, Fabricio Andrade sent a warning to the rest of the bantamweight division.

Fabricio Andrade has gotten off to a perfect start during his tenure with ONE Championship, and that improved on Friday at ONE: Full Circle. Andrade had an explosive night to start the night when he finished Jeremy Pacatiw with a vicious knee to the body in the first round.

With his fourth win in as many appearances with ONE Championship, Andrade has catapulted to the forefront of the bantamweight division and his victory was also a message sent. Reigning champion Bibiano Fernandes is set to defend his title against John Lineker at ONE: Lights out which is scheduled to take place on March 11 in Singapore.

Following Andrade’s win over Pacatiw that took just 1:37 in the first round, he spoke to the media and let his message be known: He’s coming for the title and if he doesn’t get the next shot, he’s down to fight anyone. When the champion and challenger were mentioned, Andrade made it clear he is on his way to face them.

“They can’t hide, I’m coming.”

When asked who he’s picking in next month’s title fight, Fabricio Andrade chose John Lineker who’s appropriately nicknamed “Hands of Stone” should serve him well according to Andrade.

“He’s got strong hands. That’s why the fight is going to be entertaining. People think he can knock out anybody. I’m a striker. I want to see if he [Lineker] can knock me out. I believe I can knock him out” (H/T SCMP)

With self-confidence that he can beat either the next title challenger or the reigning champion, and a record to back him up on that, Fabricio Andrade would go on to say he’s not going to sit and wait around, he will fight anyone. However, he believes the rest of the division is scared to face him.

“I don’t want to call anybody out any more. Those guys are scared of me. I don’t need to keep calling everyone out. Everybody knows I’m the new king. I’m smashing people. I have four wins now, finishing everyone They’re scared, I’m not. I can fight anybody. I’m the new contender. I’m the guy to fight for the title, and I’ll be ready for that if ONE Championship wants to make that happen. If not, I’ll be ready to take out another guy.”

Picking up three finishes in his four fights with ONE Championship, Fabricio Andrade has made it known he’s on a mission, and he’s coming for the bantamweight title, no matter who has it.

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