Fight Circus 6

Fight Circus 6 – The Rise or Fall of Sloppy Balboa – LIVE STREAM

On April 1st, Fight Circus 6: The Rise or Fall of Sloppy Balboa is coming live on FITE+ with unique lineup, check it below.

The event from Illuzion Phuket, Phuket, Thailand begins at 7pm ET and has a purchase price of $9.99.

Order it via FITE+ or watch below:

Our Cold Opener: Dana Black’s Gentlemen’s Power Slap League
Bruno Barone vs Peter Haelewyn

Old School MMA: 1×10 Min Round
Kyoken Tampiyanan vs Campbell Symes

Musical Chairs of Death: 6 Fighters Competing in Musical Chairs to see Who Fights What – featuring 6 of the Finest Fighters in Petzilla Winkeljohn’s phone

Dealer’s Choice
Musical Chairs 1st Place Finisher Chooses his Opponent – Opponent Chooses Discipline

MMAsymmetrical is Back!!
Walter John Veale vs 2 of the Remaining Musical Chairs Participants

Blindfold Muay Thai
Musical Chairs Odd Men Out

The Wheel of Violence is Back!!
Kushal Vyas vs Joel Fratello

Wicked Hot Ring Girl Tug of War
That we’re pretty positive will result in playing grab ass and Jello Wrestling, featuring 6 Hot Chicks 3 vs 3

White Collar Brawl – Road Rage Edition
Grab Motorbike Driver vs ‘Win’ Motorbike Driver

Human Piñata
Steve Panda Banks (with a sack full of money and prizes) vs Petzilla & The Gang(6 total)

Ladies MMAsymmetrical is Here!!
Souris Manfredi vs Run THC (Indica & Sativa)

The Biggest Siamese Twins Boxing Championship of All Time!!!
Twopollo RamSapp Creed vs Sloppy ‘The Irish Curse’ Balboa

Featuring Bob Sapp, Rampage Jackson, Jon Nutt & Woody

*lineup subject to change

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