Fight To Win 139

Fight To Win 139 Live Results

Professional  Jiu-Jitsu is back on FloGrappling!

Seth Daniels and Fight To Win are ready to return Friday May 15th in Dallas, Texas. The Fight To Win 139 main event brings on two ADCC vets from the East Coast- 2019 ADCC +99kg Bronze medalist, Cyborg Abreu and 2019 ADCC -99kg silver medalist, Vinicius Ferreira.

The co-main event features two young competitors with very bright futures. Ethan Crelinsten is a junior member of the “sqaud” under the tutelage of John Danaher. Ethan has wins over Andrew Tackett and Keith Krikorian.  Johnny Tama became the first black belt Ecuadorean world champion in 2019. Tama has wins over Dante Leon and Joao Miyao.

You do not want to miss the return of pro Jiu-Jitsu live on!

WHEN: Friday May 15th.

WHERE: Gilleys’
1135 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 7521    WATCH ONLINE ONLY!

How To Watch:

Fight To Win 139 results below:

Main Event 10:05pm:

230lbs Black Belt NOGI

Vinicius Ferreira (Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu) vs. Roberto Cyborg Abreu (Fight Sports): Cyborg winner by Decision.

Co-Main Event 9:51pm:

170lbs Black Belt NOGI

Johnny Tama (Studio 76) vs. Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie): Johnny Tama winner by Decision.

195lbs Black Belt Gi 9:39pm:

Kevin Williams (American Elite) vs Vinicius Carvalho Garcia: Vinicius Carvalho Garcia winner by Decision.

230lbs Black Belt Gi 9:27pm:

Eddie Avelar (Ground Dwellers) vs Viktor Doria (Fight Sports): Viktor Doria winner by Decision.

185lbs Black Belt Gi 9:15pm:

Igor Paiva (Soul Fighters) vs Jeff Hammond (Caique Jiu-Jitsu): Igor Paiva winner by Decision.

205lbs Black Belt Gi 9:03pm:

Yuri Santos (Bastos BJJ) vs Andre Gomes (Gracie Gym): Yuri Santos winner by Decision.

210lbs Black Belt NOGI 8:51pm:

Cameron Couch (Mohler) vs Paulo Azambuja (Fight Sports): Paulo Azambuja winner by Armbar.

215lbs Brown Belt NOGI 8:40:

Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia) vs Joshua HighTower (PinMan Grappling): Kevin McCormick winner by Triangle Armbar.

210lbs Brown Belt NOGI 8:29pm:

Justin Renick vs Aaron Culpepper (Mohler): Justin Renick winner by Rear Naked Choke.

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI 8:19pm:

Colby Capps (Guard Church) vs Dillon Hinojosa (Genesis Jiu Jitsu): Dillon Hinojosa winner by Ankle Lock.

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI 8:09pm:

Alex Lopez (Bastos BJJ) vs Grayson Henley (Brasa): Grayson Henley winner by Armbar Inside A Dead Orchard.

175lbs Blue Belt NOGI 8pm:

Dylan Martinez (Flux MMA) vs Alexander Leon (Mohler MMA): Dylan Martinez winner by Split Decision.

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