No reason to doubt Frankie Edgar's quick turnaround

Frankie Edgar on the idea of retiring, ‘I’m not ready to make that decision’

Frankie Edgar is just a few days removed from his UFC 268 loss to Marlon “Chito” Vera in New York City. Prior to the fight, Edgar attended media day and was asked about the future of his career. He has been a part of the sport of MMA for a long time and has been a champion in the UFC. On Wednesday when asked, Edgar shot down the idea, but now following the loss he might be inching closer to that decision.

Edgar spoke about the fight and fight week on his podcast Champ and The Tramp. He spoke about how nice it was to have a fight week close to his home in New Jersey and how the majority of the fight felt good to him. He was caught with a front kick to the face that led to the fight being stopped. In Edgar’s opinion, it was stopped too early.

“I lost the fight, that’s done,” Edgar said. “I’m proud of my performance, I’m proud of my team, I’m proud of how I prepared. I did everything the right way, I was 100 percent ready for the fight. I felt I was doing well in the fight. I got hit with that up-kick. I wished the ref let it go a little longer. I think it was an early stoppage. The ref’s job is to make sure I’m safe, I get that. I have to qualms about that.”

Edgar is 50 years old and has been competing as a professional since 2005. He came to the UFC back in 2007 and became champion in two different divisions. The past few years he has been working to get a third belt in a third division, but that journey may be coming to an end.

“Everyone is going to bring up the f–king retirement and I’m not going to answer it,” Edgar explained. “Because I don’t know what it is honestly. I just what to know that when I do retire, I’m never coming back. I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not ready to make that decision. This is probably the first time after a fight that I’m not thinking about my next fight. I’m not thinking about getting in the gym. I know I have a lot left to give this sport in many ways.”

Although he has repeatedly shot down the idea of retiring, this might be the closest Frankie Edgar has ever come to admitting the time might be coming. No matter when he hangs up his gloves he will go down as one of the greatest to have ever stepped foot in the Octagon.

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