GCW Promotions – Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport Results

Back after a year hiatus and combating a worldwide health pandemic, Josh Barnett is back with the third installment of his marque fight event Bloodsport, airing live October 11 from the Marriot Fair Grounds in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Josh Barnett: Bloodsport III will stream live on FITE at 5 pm PST / 8 PM EST. The event’s headline attraction features AEW World Champion Jon Moxley taking on Indy Wrestling’s bad boy,  Chris ” Dirty Daddy” Dickinson. The premiere action doesn’t stop there, as the remaining card features top combatants from Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, who all are eager to showcase their skills and come out victorious on the Kumite style grand stage.

Order and watch the event below:

Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport III Results

Main Card:

Jon Moxley vs Chris Dickinson

Moxley blocks two of Dickinson’s leg kicks with leg sweeps at the beginning stages of the fight. Moxley continues his offense in side control, looking for a keylock. Dickinson escapes the bottom and then grabs Moxley’s leg for a kneebar attempt, while Moxley tries for a toe hold on his own. Both men are now back to standing after escaping each other’s leglock submissions. Moxley launches Dickinson into the ring post that sends him flying off the platform into the crowd. With little time to recover, Moxley shows no mercy continuing his onslaught on Dickinson, securing the mount, as he rains down elbow shots and a near fated cross armbar and triangle choke. Dirty Daddy Dickinson escapes. However, Moxley is back on offense again! Moxley now looks to hit the Gotch Piledriver, but Dickinson counters with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Dickinson attacks Moxley with leg kicks to the thigh, executing a German Suplex, and following through with a straight ankle lock. Both men are now trading blows in the middle of the square circle.

Dickinson gains a brief edge over the AEW champion with two consecutive backdrop suplexes. Next, Dickinson lands a high kick that drops Moxley, as he follows up with punches from the mount. Moxley looks to be in deep trouble. Moxley makes a fantastic comeback, hitting the Double Arm DDT. Dickinson has no time to recover, as Moxley clinches in a rear-naked choke. Trying with all his might to fight the hold, Dickinson slips into unconsciousness, which forces the referee to stop the fight. Jon Moxley emerges victorious in this 5-star Bloodsport main event.

Jon Moxley defeats Chris Dickinson by Submission ( Rear Naked Choke)

Lindsay Snow vs Allysin Kay (Women’s Tournament Final Match)

The finals of the Women’s Tournament has begun. The bout starts at a slow pace with both women working various submissions and wrestling counters. Kay obtains the “Truck position,” where she follows up, transiting to the Banana Split submission that looks to be a close call for Snow. Snow and Kay then trade leglocks counters. Snow now finds herself in a safer place, inside Kay’s guard as she rains down a series of elbows. To the surprise of many in attendance, Snow gives up the dominant position, falling back for yet another leglock attempt. This attempt proves to be a success, as Snow reaps over the knee, and cranks on heel forces Kay to quit. Lindsay Snow wins the Women’s Bloodsport Tournament.

Lindsay Snow defeats Allysin Kay by Submission ( Heel Hook)

Josh Alexander vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Both men start the contest with a brief wrestling exchange. Smith establishes side control, where he switches between key locks and elbows unto Alexander. Smith continues his domination on the ground while hitting a near famous SharpShooter finish that wows the crowd. Davy Boy Smith Jr continues to maintain control in all sectors of the battle. While both men trade hard elbow, Smith lands an elbow strike that drops Alexander. Josh Alexander is staggered and appears to be out of it. Wasting no time, Smith lands a kick to the solar plexus following up with a devastating Liger Bomb that knockouts Alexander to attaining the victory.

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeats Josh Alexander by Knockout ( Liger Power Bomb)

Tom Lawlor vs Homicide

Lawlor dominates the beginning stages of the battle with a clean single leg takedown to obtain Homicide’s back. Next, both men trade heavy fisticuffs with neither competitor backing down. Lawlor lands a strike that drops Homicide. As he follows through with a soccer kick, Homicide trips Lawlor following up with an STF submission hold. After brief counter submissions, both men find themselves back standing, scrapping it out. Later, Lawlor latches on to a guillotine choke, as he comes close to putting Homicide to sleep. Homicide counters with an Exploder followed by a Knee. As Homicide looks to end the battle with his “Cop Killer” backbreaker, Lawlor counters with a Rear Naked Choke following up with the Half Boston Crab submission that forces Homicide to surrender.

Tom Lawlor Defeats Homicide by Submission ( Half Boston Crab)

Erik Hammer vs Kal Jak

Right out the gate, Kal Jak lands right cross that drops Hammer. Hammer quickly recovers, and now the fight is on! Both men counter with beautiful wrestling counters on the mat, as they seem equally matched, which is a constant happening throughout the match. As the battle continues to sway in both men’s favor, Hammer would gain the advantage, overpowering his opponent, as he hits his patient  finishing hold the double wristlock to secure the victory.

Erik Hammer Defeats Kal Jak by Submission ( Double Wristlock)

Alexander James vs Calvin Tankman

Tankman is the crowd favorite, while The Prince of Pain, James is welcomed with boos from the audience. Tankman wastes no time throwing heavy shots and smothering his opponent on the ground. James looks to be making a comeback as he secures a crucifix hold from the turtle position while hitting Tankman with a series of elbows to the back of the head. Tankman stands up while in the position and drops back with a Samoan drop. Both men find themselves back standing with each competitor, bashes each other with multiples jab-cross combinations. Tankman gets the better of the exchange, as a right hook drops James. Tankman follows up with a series of strikes from the ground, which forces the referee to stop the fight to prevent any more damage.

Calvin Tankman defeats Alexander James by Knockout

Lindsay Snow vs Leyla Hirsch (Women’s Tournament Semi Final Match)

The amateur wrestling if Hirsch and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu of Snow is being put on full display throughout the beginning stages of the fight. Snow seems to have a slight advantage on the ground, thanks to her arsenal of submission holds. Luckily, Hirsch’s wrestling background assist in weathering the barrage of submissions from her opponent. However, Snow remains persistent as she snatches Hirsch’s leg to locking on a Heel Hook finishes, which forces Hirsch to give up. Snow moves on to face Allysin Kay in the finals of the Women’s Bloodsport tournament.

Lindsay Snow defeats Leyla Hirsch by Submission ( Heel Hook)

Killer Kelly vs. Allysin Kay (Women’s Tournament Semi Final Match)

Killer Kelly starts off the battle looking for a double leg takedown. Later, Kay lands a beautiful Hip Toss and transitions to a Kimura lock attempt. Still, with a surge of energy, both competitors dishes out their own pain of ground and pound that gets the crowd’s approval. Kay then goes for a heel hook attempt, which sees another seesaw battle of counters. Kay dominant through the contest was able to tire and fluster Kelly in the concluding sector of the fight. Able to secure a crucifix tringle submission, while administering strikes, Kelly has no choice but to surrender, as she taps from the brutal submission. Kays moves on to the finals of the Women’s Bloodsport tournament.

Allysin Kay defeats Killer Kelly by Submission (Triangle Armbar Choke)

Simon Grimm vs Matt Makowski

The action in this encounter starts off with a scrap fest between both competitors. As the battle progress to the group both competitors jock for the dominant position, each showcasing great submission attempts and escapes. Later, Makowski lands a beautiful cartwheel kick that rattles Grimm, as the fight resume on the mat. The fight reaches an epic conclusion with Grimm countering a kneebar attempt, in which he is able to transition to Makowski’s back and land a earth shattering German Suplex that knocks out his opponent, forcing the referee to end the contest.

Simon Grimm defeats Matt Makowski by Knockout (German Suplex)

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