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Catch Karate Combat Season 2, Event 3 Right Here

Karate Combat continues their Sunday night fight cards with their third event hosted by Bas Rutten and Marshawn Lynch. Last week had their second event use their “Sudden Victory” rule as the main event went to a draw requiring an extra round and in a weekend highlighted by a spectacular knock out front he UFC event, some top Karate based fighting should make for a nice close to the weekend.

Karate Combat brings the many disciplines of karate together in a ruleset that fits all the styles of karate but on the Karate Combat roster, there seems to be a lot of Shotokan and Kyokushin fighters. So, the qualifier of this event should prove interesting since it will bring a third-degree black belt in Shito-Ryu in Gabriel Cera

Shito-Ryu has the similar, long power stances similar of Shotokan but there are also circular, softer movements incorporated into many techniques. Traditional martial arts like this one also make it a point for blocks to also be strikes which means the possibility of a lot of counter-punching movements from Cera is likely to produce a lot of action in this match up.

The Karate Combat President, Adam S. Kovacs has his eye on the main event and in a press release from the promotion had the following to say about the matchup:

“Myrza vs. Viveros: Two top talents from the 67 division going at it. Last time Myrza broke his forearm in the first round of the main event in Hollywood, but still managed to fight all three rounds. Viveros also did very well against Ilies Mardhi that night in Hollywood and some fans thought Viveros should have had the W. If one of these guys performs very well, he might end up challenging Edgar Skrivers for the golden belt.”

Check out the fight card below:

Main Event:

Daniel “Black Diamond” Viveros (Ecuador) vs. Myrza-Bek “The King” Tebuev (Russia)

Calum “Braveheart” Robb (Scotland) vs. Franklin “The Bullet” Mina


Vitalie “The Ninja” Certan (Portugal) vs.Gabriel “Toughest Animal” Cera (Italy) 


You can catch Karate Combat’s third event right here at MyMMANews or at Karate.com.

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