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GSP on possibility of super fight with Anderson Silva: “Not right now”

Ever since the conception of the term “Super Fight” was made in the UFC, the organization has stopped at nothing to bring them to life. Whether it be between two of the top champions of similar divisions, or just two top elite fighters in similar divisions, the thought to make it happen has always been there.

Which is why for years, out of all the super fights the UFC has attempted to make, one fight in particular has yet to be made.

A fight that if no doubt, had been put together at the time it should’ve, would’ve set the standard for Super Fights.

What is the fight I’m referring to you ask? oh one that features two of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre and Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

A few years ago the UFC were in the process of making this happen, as both men were at the top of their peek, while single handedly dominating their respective divisions.

Unfortunately however, the fight never came to fruition, and t St.Pierre had a new group of contenders coming up in the welterweight division to deal with.

Fast forward now to 2018, and the idea of GSP and Silva resurfaced yet again, only this time, both men’s glory days are far behind them, with nothing left to prove.

But yet, could the fight still happen? GSP thinks so, just not at the present moment as he told the media at a press conference he attended on a visit to Australia.

“Not right now,” Georges St-Pierre said, when asked about a showdown with Anderson Silva. “This fight was interesting at a certain point when I had a lot of contenders in my division and this fight, if it would have been made I wanted it to be made with extra performance drug testing, which UFC was not a fan about because they didn’t want VADA to be a part of it – before USADA was a part of it – and also a catch weight. That was my thing. Because as a fighter, you cannot cut, you know? It’s very hard if you’re an active fighter competing every few month to go up and then go down, and I didn’t want to do that. And I guess I wanted to do (the fight) with the extra testing. They didn’t have the testing at the time, and that’s why this fight also never happened. And at the time right now I don’t think it’s a good win-win situation for me because I have a lot more to lose than to win fighting right now against Anderson Silva.”

While it may seem that though a fight with Silva may not make sense for GSP right now, in actuality, it may be, that St.Pierre could be saving the bout for a later date, but if the fight is to transpire, it needs to be sometime soon, otherwise time is running out.

Also, you have to take into consideration that GSP is 37 years old and does not plan on competing well into his 40’s.

“At 40 years old I’m done for sure,” he said. “I’m not going to fight in a cage at 40 years old. I’m gonna be a grown man, I’m gonna be past that no matter what happens.”

Do you believe we’ll ever get to see GSP vs. Silva fight sometime soon?






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