Erectile Dysfunction

How can Erectile Dysfunction Impact Mental Health Of An Individual

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is defined as “the persistent inability to attain and maintain an erection sufficient to allow for satisfactory sexual performance”. 

It is not an uncommon problem. It affects millions of men all over the world. Studies show that erectile dysfunction affects 16-40% of the male population. Almost 150 new million cases are reported every year. People believe that erectile dysfunction affects older males more but this condition can develop at any age. According to research, one in every four patients who seek help for erectile dysfunction is under the age of 40.

Its a fact that erectile dysfunction impacts the person but this condition also have some adverse effects on their partner. ED can end up damaging the sex life of the couple beyond repair, and It might even result in infidelity too.

A huge difference can be made by talking about this difficult topic. It can be embarrassing but it’s essential for a couple with issues of erectile dysfunction to function in a healthy way. Experts suggest that therapy might be necessary to get through this problem and improve a couple’s sex and overall life. 

The Emotional Impact of Erectile Dysfunction

Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction battle with its physical consequences but the psychological and emotional aspects of erectile dysfunction can also make a man miserable. Coping with erectile dysfunction can be hard on men, most men lose their self-esteem, worth, and confidence. Men, most of the time, identify themselves with their sexual performance. Their masculinity even falls prey to ED.

Even for their partners, this condition can also take a toll on them. There can be an emotional fall out for their partners also. Women feel bad about themselves, they may feel rejection, they may question their physical attributes. They may even think they are not attractive enough. 

Impotence can even result in clinical depression and low self. This, consequently, can result in anticipatory anxiety. The men will fear even the mere thought of sex. The men start viewing his performance as a spectator and criticize it. This anxiety can further interfere with the sexual process and make the condition worse and even stronger. 

How Can One Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to deal with erectile dysfunction is to consume Tadalafil, it has Cialis as an active ingredient and works just like viagra. Its effects last up to 36 hours. You can buy 10mg of tadalafil and use it as a short term solution. 

But the therapist suggests that communication is the key and that is the long solution to this problem. It is understandable that it can be a painful topic of conversation for the couple.  This lack of communication can lead to emotional detachment between the couple.

A couple can only cope with ED is through communicating with their partners. Talking about this condition can help the couple confront their feelings and find a way out of it. A proactive attitude toward erectile dysfunction is crucial and can make a significant difference in how it’s handled. 

Support of the significant other can make a huge difference in how the men manage this condition. Emotional support is essential at every second of this condition. Validating and recognizing a man’s feelings can make it easy for him to get through it with intact mental health. 


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