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How surveillance systems through security cameras / CCTV make our life easy

Before we move to the topic of how one can get benefitted from installing CCTV cameras. We should be very clear have some brief background on what it is all about and how it works and where it can be used.

In this modern age of technology, with an increase in the number of crimes and anti-social movements, security is of the highest importance factor and can’t be ignored at any price. Sdi pan-tilt-zoom cameras make us feel considerably better knowing that we are observed, and God forbid even if something goes wrong can be tracked up to an extent.

“CCTV” is an abbreviation known as closed-circuit television and is commonly understood as video surveillance. It is not like a TV where a serial is broadcasted on one state district etc at the same time. As a name indicates “Closed-circuit” it tells broadcasts are usually sent to a restricted number of PCs. CCTV services are commonly operated to detect and prevent criminal activities and record traffic violations, but it is not limited to these two factors only it is widely used for other purposes also.

  1. To keep an eye when you are not there: Now this utility is used everywhere and you will find it wherever you go, may it be Airport, Bus stand, Concert, office parties, hotels, schools, houses, offices, organisation, on roads and so on. You must have seen a signboard ” You are under CCTV monitoring”. CCTV surveillance can prevent probable criminals. When a crime occurred video footage can help to explore what exactly had happened and who was involved etc. and this acts as evidence for the prosecution court. It is largely used to investigate crime and is known as a crime management tool sometimes.
  2. Medical monitoring and treatment: Facial muscles express people’s thoughts and feelings. With help of smart software, one can recognise these expressions, like discomfort or fear, from images more efficiently.
  3. For better Communication: In a multistorey shop or maybe showroom, an owner can see the activity and if the call has to be made to a specific person the by seeing at CCTV monitor, one can easily find and then communicate as per the need.


CCTV technology was first created in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of V2 rockets. At a later stage, it was used and adopted by American scientists during the testing of the atomic bomb.


There are many kinds of CCTV cameras are available in the market so choose as per the need and requirements.


Types of CCTV Camera. 


A one-liner brief introduction of the type of CCTV cameras is listed below

  • Dome CCTV: The considerable economical, Dome camera is the basic type of security camera, which is used for indoor installation. As per the name of the camera, it refers to the shape of the camera
  • Bullet CCTV: These cameras are developed for catching the visuals of a distinctive area only.
  • C-Mount type CCTV: These CCTV cameras are more advanced than others. It comes with a detachable lens,
  • Varifocal Cameras: These cameras are developed and allow us to zoom in and Zoom out that too without failing to focus on the image. or an object
  • Night Vision CCTV: These cameras are designed and developed and ideal to be used outside and can monitor at night where lighting is almost zero.
  • Network/IP CCTV :
  • Wireless CCTV: It works on wi-fi and does not require wiring.
  • High Definition CCTV: As the name indicate, HD recording can be taken from this camera


If you are looking for the best and most reliable CCTV service then INSTALL SECURE LOCKS SECURITY CAMERAS and try at SLOTENMAKER IN BILZEN. Some of the reasons why one can rely on SLOTENMAKER IN BILZEN for CCTV Camera or a Security Camera.


Simply purchasing a security camera /CCTV will not be enough. The total function of surveillance techniques relies on how skillfully and efficiently they are established. For example, have these been installed at the right view, the view would be the main and key point of a security camera. There is a calculation behind to mount before installing the machines. Therefore, a self-installed outdoor or indoor security camera system, even an expensive and state-of-the-art, is often not effective enough, proper Installation and commissioning is a necessary part and Secure Locks professionals knows it way better than others and offer guaranteed to get an error-free outcome!

Trained and skilled professionals from Secure Locks ( SLOTENMAKER IN BILZEN ) are equipped with all sets of tools and systems and ready to install CCTV systems of any sophistication, in personal and commercial buildings.

Secure locks firmly believe that unpredictable situations can arise at any moment, thus their experts are available 24X7 and even work on Sundays and public holidays. They only deal with branded and renowned firms with video surveillance.

Secure Locks is extremely responsible for every order and guarantees its customers the efficiency and professionalism of the employees, the use of certified equipment and modern tools, as well as the careful adherence to all confidentiality standards.


Now it’s time to know the cost part and HOW MUCH we need to spend to install the CCTV camera.


The cost of installing a video surveillance system differs largely relying on the type of cameras, the amount of work involved. So, you need to understand that cost of installing one outdoor CCTV camera with Wi-Fi will be different from than price of installing multiple cameras in different rooms of the property.

There is an amount of cost is associated to install the camera and must be added and discussed but definitely look at vivint price. Secure locks install CCTV cameras from zero and are also ready for modifications and replacement of existing locks and security cameras with more modern and high-tech equipment. Secure Locks offers a complete end to end solution to security issues. In addition to CCTV cameras secure locks also deal in all types of locksmiths works and which are as follows

  1. They can open the locks
  2. Installing and repairing locks is the best part of secure locks
  3. They deal in Burglary prevention.
  4. home security as explained above
  5. Additional keys development
  6. Placement of video and intercom
  7. Placement of access control system


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