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How to bet on MMA in 2023? Expert advice

The allure of mixed martial arts (MMA) martial arts has long reached Australia.

The reason is easy to explain: major MMA tournaments take place every week, and you can also watch them live. This is why MMA betting in Australia, Canada and the UK has been growing in popularity for years.

Who are the best bookmakers for MMA betting in Australia and around the world? Who has the best MMA odds? We do not know the definitive answer to this question. But we can give some advice on how to choose a betting platform and how to place these bets.

First of all, we recommend using betting offices with a license and good reviews. For example, you can choose among the list of best Australian online casino those brands that have sports betting. This rating from OnlineCasinoHub includes only the most reliable gambling sites.


MMA betting and betting markets


More and more bookmakers are demonstrating the versatility of MMA fights with an extensive program of betting markets to match.

While some bookmakers only offer classic win bets, especially for fights with less media attention, a much larger number of MMA bets are offered for bigger fights.

Of course, the range of MMA betting varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but in principle you can also find classic pre-match single bets, combination bets, system bets, as well as real-time bets and MMA special bets.


Most popular MMA bets:


Winning bet: A win bet is simply a bet on who will win the fight. MMA betting is most often double-sided, meaning you can only bet on fighter A or fighter B without a draw. Reason: draws are very rare.

Win Method (Optional Bets): With so-called anchor bets, you are betting on how victory will be achieved. For example, this includes special bets such as “win by knockout”, “win by points” or “win by submission”.

Over/Under bets: When betting over/under in MMA betting, you are primarily betting on the number of rounds that will take place. In what round will the fight be decided?

Draw bet: In addition to two-way bets, there are also three-way bets with the option to bet on a draw in an MMA fight.

Double Chance: For MMA betting, Double Chance betting allows you to bet on two different winning methods, for example: Win by TKO. or submission.

Fight at full range: A typical MMA bet with two betting options. Will the MMA fight continue for the duration of the fight when the judges decide the winner, or will the winner be determined before the fight time is up. Who wins the fight is completely ignored.

Point bet: You bet on the number of points the fighter will receive from the judges.

Subtract the bet: UFC Special that the fighter will be penalized for violating the rules.

In addition, other special bets are sometimes possible, such as “foul betting” or shaking opponents’ hands before the fight begins.

 MMA Bonus – MMA betting offers


Online bookmakers usually offer every new customer a welcome bonus.

In addition to the new customer bonus, many sports betting providers also offer bonus programs for existing customers that can also be used for MMA betting.

In most cases, this sports betting bonus can also be used for MMA betting.

For really big fights, the best MMA betting providers also offer their own MMA bonus offers – usually in the form of boosted odds, “odds boost” or free bets.


Where to bet on MMA?


More and more fans are also looking to bet on MMA and the bookies have adapted to that too.

Most sports betting providers also include MMA betting in their betting programs, so you have a choice of different bookmakers for your MMA bets.


UFC betting offers as well as odds can vary significantly between betting providers. It is worth analyzing all the offers before making the final choice.

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