Betting on the UFC

How to Prepare for Betting on the UFC

UFC betting has become a popular activity amongst MMA fans over recent years. Whether it’s a Fight Night or numbered UFC event, it’s a guarantee that thousands of bets will be placed as different fighters enter the Octagon. However, before you do this yourself, you need to prepare properly. Otherwise, your bets will probably flop. Here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, Grow Your Online Gambling Experience

When you try anything new in life, it’s all about growing your experience, so that you become better and more established at what you’re doing. This is why you need to grow your online gambling experience before placing bets on any UFC fight.

Typically, the best way to do this is by playing australia online pokies or another type of online casino game. These types of games allow people to gain a strong feel for what it’s like to gamble with real money – even if you only placing small wagers. If you speak to most sports betting experts, they’ll tell you that they got started by playing online casino games before any other type of gambling.

Once you’ve played a little and understand the fun and risks of gambling, then you can prepare yourself for betting on the UFC.

Do Lots of Fighter Research

At any UFC event, it’s important to research the fighters before placing any bets.

If a fighter has a horrible fight record (such as 0-0-6), then it’s not a good idea to place a moneyline bet on them to win.

Similarly, don’t bet on a fighter to win via submission if they win the majority of their fights by decision or knockouts.

For in-depth UFC stats, is a pretty good source of information that you can use.

Make sense? Great – let’s move on to the next tip.

Decide Your Budget

Before any fight nights, you need to decide your budget.

For instance, if you have a relatively flexible budget, then you might choose to spread $20 throughout the entire card (usually, there are 5 fights on the main UFC card). However, you might be more comfortable with $10 or even $5 – it’s a matter of personal preference.

Watch as Many UFC Fights as Possible

To place the smartest bets possible, you need to grow your UFC knowledge. You can do this by watching as many UFC fights as possible throughout the year. Remember, there’s usually at least one UFC event a month, so there are plenty of fights to watch on television.

Most people watch UFC fights using ESPN+. It’s highly recommended that you don’t illegally stream any PPV events because it’s against the law. Also, it makes it much more difficult to place bets since you’ll be lagging behind the real-time action.


If you’re planning on placing bets on UFC fights soon, then make sure to follow the tips and tricks you’ve just read. Providing that you do this, you should find UFC betting to be a walk in the park – just remember to gamble responsibly.

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