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‘I had to do it’: Reaction to CES 56 press conference

There are many things I have learned in the MMA business throughout my short career. But one thing that has stuck out since the beginning is that the circle is small, and relationships — like any business — are very important. As great of a lesson that has been for me, there is also the line of being PR and being a journalist. If all of us in the MMA media circle can’t say what’s on our minds, can’t react negatively towards something a promoter says or does, are we really journalists?

As many of you have probably seen by now, video has surfaced from Thursday’s CES 56 press conference where the founder and CEO of the promotion, Jimmy Burchfield Sr., handled himself very unprofessionally. The main event for CES 56, which takes place May 31 in Hartford, Conn., is a featherweight title fight between Bruce Boyington and Dan Dubuque. Boyington, the reigning champion from Maine, was not at the press conference, which did not seem to please Burchfield Sr. In fact, Burchfield took time during the press conference to run down the champion, in essence, calling his manhood into question for not taking a five hour trip to Connecticut. In turn, Burchfield praised the challenger, even saying that he is “going to be so damn happy to put that belt” around Dubuque’s waist. Currently, CES has not released a statement about the press conference, but my gut tells me that will change in the next day or two.

Watch my reaction to the press conference, and Burchfield’s comments in the video above.

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