Ian McCall

Ian McCall details health issues, violently vomiting in Dublin

Ian McCall details health issues, violently vomiting in Dublin

Ian McCall was was on the SFLC Podcast late last year where he detailed what went wrong in Dublin.

You can listen to the show below:

SFLC contributor Steve Dunn provides the transcript below:

5:45- Asking about Dublin: “I’ve had some health issues, obviously, everybody know’s that. I had some pretty serious health issues leading up to this fight (with Neil Seery). I had a great training camp, I was in shape, but some health issues I don’t really need to get into. Once I got out there, I was eating healthy food–my nutritionist usually travels with me, and he cooks all my food, and his flights got messed up, he got out there a day-and-a-half later than I did. But again, I know how to feed myself, he usually just helps me with my weight-cut. He got there at night, and we went to bed, and we woke up in morning, and the UFC always provides free breakfast at whatever hotel, so no need to run off at 6AM to got get food at the store, so we eat breakfast, and then we cook for dinner. My final meal before my nutritionist got there got me sick.Ian McCall

Before I even finished the meal, I had already started throwing up. I thought it was from hyperhydration, or too much distilled water in my body, and I just chalked it up to that and went back downstairs, talking to everybody. I didn’t really tell them. So I got to media day, and I really didn’t know how bad I looked, but I looked kinda shitty at media day, and I know I was starting to cut weight a little bit, but I hadn’t started my actual cut yet, but you know, with the food and the water and stuff, you just start looking a little shitty.

I try to play it up, like I felt OK…I go back to the hotel, my nutritionist starts feeding me, and I couldn’t hold down any food. I couldn’t hold down any food for the rest of the day or night, and then I had to start cutting weight that night, so I was like, whatever, I’ll get it done, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve starved for longer than this. He tried to make me 3 or 4 different plates of food. Basically made me baby food at the end and I couldn’t even keep that down.

We cut part of the weight, and I’m very good at cutting weight, I know what I’m doing. I even took it easy that night, I didn’t cut as much as I usually do the night before, and then I woke up in the moring to cut the rest of my weight, I was like 3-and-a-half over… I got to my spa work…and my body shut down. I was close, I was cutting the weight very easily, it wasn’t the weight cut that affected me.

I probably got within a pound, I say? I was very close to making weight, and I thought I was having a stroke. My body went numb, I couldn’t really move, my face went all weird and limp. It started to droop on one side, and it freaked me out. I know my body very very well, so I look at my coaches, I’m like, dude, something’s wrong.

They went to get the doctor, and in that time I was throwing up bile all over the floor…we’re at a pool at the hotel and i’m throwing up into a towel. It wasn’t good. (The doctor) says you’re not that dehydrated, so it’s got to be something else. They took me to the hospital… the hospital out there was great, I have to say.

Luckily, we got there before a big rush of people…everyone was super nice…They said you’re lucky you came in, your kidney and liver function is not looking good at all….I sat in the hospital a good amount of time (while) violently, violently throwing up. It was horrible. Just my nutritionist went with me, he kinda explained what was going on, or what we thought…it was really rough, I was in so much pain, with that free healthcare system, they wouldn’t give me anything to kill the pain, and I was like, OK, if this is how it’s gonna feel, it’s how it’s gonna feel, I feel better. Let me out of here, I don’t want to sit in the hospital. At that point I was hoping they were just going to knock me out with something. I went back to the hotel, and I just was depressed I guess.”

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