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Interview: Chris Leben reveals he may be done competing in combat sports

Interview with Chris Leben above

Chris Leben joined MyMMANews to talk about a host of different topics including his career which spans many aspects. This includes as a fighter, referee, judge, and somehow a lot more.

Leben was supposed to compete in bare knuckle boxing in April but with the ongoing COVID-19 situation the fight was cancelled. Unfortunately for fans of Leben, it’s possible he may never compete again. He’s already shut the door on competing in MMA again and it seems like bare knuckle boxing isn’t far behind.

“I feel like [bare knuckle boxing is] pushing back a lot of the things I want to do. There might be one more, there might not. Me and Dave [Feldman] are going to have to talk about it and decide. If we’re not going to have bare knuckle boxing for a year [then] I’ll probably need to move on.”

Leben details the aftermath of competing on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter. Including the fact that people still make “spritz” jokes when they see him.

Leben also talks about his miraculous recovery from a heart issue that prevented him from competing for Bellator and how going sober helped him heal completely.

Sound off fight fights….. Should Chris Leben retire?

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