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Many people remember page 3 (or page 7) with a certain nostalgia, The Daily Star and The Sun. Thousands of workers across the UK collective agreeing over a lunchtime brew that they would ‘do her’. Yet those of a certain age tend to forget what going through puberty in the 80’s was like. Debbie, from Manchester (I wonder if they used their real names?) her gorgeous breasts in black and white newspaper, was our Pornhub. That was it. Trading FIFA cards graduated to trading ’Nudie mags’ and soon, behaving like a nervous shoplifter, scanning the top shelf was a monthly occurrence. But never, ever, was it a solitary purchase, The Fishing Gazette or a copy of Auto Mart (despite being unable to fish or drive) would act as a clever decoy.  Concealing your intention to head home immediately to masturbate.

The advent of VHS slowly turned ‘Razz Mags’ into the vinyl of the adult industry, When R18 certificate videos first came out in 1982, Soho sex shops would be as busy as a Tesco Metro on a Friday night. Mainly unsuccessful players picking up a new ‘Manga” vid to improve their aggressive German pillow talk, something to look forward to after a night out, head down, brown paper bag under the arm, night bus or taxi bound, the night was not over yet! But, alas, technology progresses, and in 2006, after a decade of steady, double-digit growth, spending on top-shelf DVDs and home video fell by more than 15 per cent to $3.6bn, *Adult Video News.

Whilst the media and delivery may have changed, the result is the same, Studies have shown that porn stimulates the same areas of the brain as addictive drugs, making the brain release the same chemicals. And just like drugs, porn triggers pathways in the brain that cause craving, leading users back for more and more extreme “hits” to get high.

Step forward, the Internet.

Until Pornhub and the ‘tube, finding free porn on the internet, a merry-go-round of pop ups and unfulfilled promises of free content was quite a challenge. Password cracking sites and persistence did sometimes pay off. But with the this inexhaustible, limitless unfettered access to internet video, was still, well, just video. Something was missing, the drugs weren’t working.

This is where the webcam came in to change the game. Inspired by the premium rate sex lines, suddenly men no longer had to go one dimensional and various forms of live interaction from virtual, tip reliant ‘peep shows’ to private ‘cam to cam’ shows emerged. But these were developed for desktop by the same companies that brought us streaming video years ago. Nobody was thinking about the powerful computer we carry around with us at all times, the computer we didn’t share with our partners and already has two way live streaming video built-in.

If you are lucky enough to be an Apple user and want to see how far we’ve come from wobbly desktop cams and the quality of the girls to enjoy a bit of cheeky adult banter with, then check out and for just 2/2.50 / min you can Adult FaceTime with your own 24/7 personal harem of 70 of the hottest models on the web like an Arab prince. Page 3 didn’t do amateurs and Saucytime, (as invitation only) site doesn’t either. You won’t even need a brown paper bag!

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