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Jaylon Bates teases August return, talks importance of amateur career

Interview with Jaylon Bates above

Bellator’s Jaylon Bates made it look easy as he was victorious in his third professional bout to date. All three of Bates’ professional fights have been in the Bellator cage, and all have resulted in wins thus far. After a 9-0 amateur career, Bates had fans wondering when he would make the jump, and if the skills would translate, Bates is passing with flying colors early in his career.

“I feel like there is a lot more maturing,” Bates told MyMMANews. “Growing up, I’m more than willing to do it, put in the work to grow. The only thing that is different between amateur and pro is we are getting paid and the promotion is going to take care of it’s fighters. Super relieved to be professional,” Bates continued. “Amateurs are proving something to themselves, as a pro you are proving it to the world, that’s why I love being professional.”

Bates, although 3-0 in the pro ranks, wouldn’t have changed a thing about his lengthy amateur career. In fact, he believes without his extended amateur days, he wouldn’t come close to being the fighter he is today. With a plethora of fighters spending a few fights as an amateur, or even beginning at the pro level, Bates gives some advice.

“If I didn’t have those 5 amateur title fights, I’d probably still be an amateur,” Bates stated. “I’ve seen amateurs go 2-0, then maybe 5-1 as a professional, but all together only have 8 fights. For any advice, get all your amateur fights in, don’t let anyone rush you. Even training in Vegas, everyone was ready for me to go pro, I held out. Fighters got to know their worth.”

Watch the full interview with Jaylon Bates, including sharing he will be training with AJ McKee in the next week.

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