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Jeff Peterson Doesn’t Think Preston Parsons Can Hang With Him Past The 1st Round

Interview with Jeff Peterson above – Check it out

Jeff Peterson (10-7) discusses his welterweight fight against Preston Parsons (8-2) at Combat Night on June 5. Jeff also talks about not fighting in 2020, coming off a two-fight skid and how he see’s this fight playing out.

“I’m just going to put a lot of pressure on him right away. I’ve got a really big gas tank for this fight. We’ve been pushing my cardio really good. My plan is to get in his face right away and make him uncomfortable. If I can get him out of there quickly in the first round, get him to lose his confidence, then that’s what I’ll do. If I have to drag him into the second or third where I don’t think he can hang, then that’s what I’ll do. Either way, I’m going to be in his face in the first minute all away to be in the 15th minute if necessary.” 


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