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Jesse Ronson “March 11th, It’s All on That One”

Jesse Ronson tests skills with Robert Seres at Samourai MMA 5 on March 11th for the SMMA Super Lightweight Championship.

Ronson appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once again to discuss prospective ONE and Bellator opportunities, this matchup having certain similarities to prior career highlights, plus so much more.


This card having some hallmarks to the TKO days where Ronson won belts in multiple divisions

“Yeah, this card has a lot of TKO vibes. There’s a lot of TKO fighters on it. When you think of Quebec you think of Montreal and MMA, you think TKO. Even though it’s Samourai, completely different organization, different people, whatever, it’s got the same vibes. Yeah, I’m just very excited for the opportunity, that they messaged me, and it’s an immediate title shot. I’m glad I’m coming off a win and not just coming out of the UFC and getting gifted a title shot off a loss like Jonathan Meunier; the little punk ass bitch who has been ducking me forever.”

Jesse Ronson

“I don’t think he’s fighting anymore but I remember when he got cut from the UFC, he instantly got a title shot in the TKO. But yeah, I’m glad I got cut from the UFC, I got a win, I got my title fight in Quebec. So I can go back there and show the Quebecois that I’m still the fucking man out there (laughs). I can’t wait.”

Ronson eyeing possible opportunities with shows like ONE Championship as well as Bellator MMA and if any dialogue has transpired with those promotions

“That would be up to my manager but after I beat Nordin (Asrih) in December he goes ok, cool. We’re going to have to get another one. He’s like go out there and get another big win. He’s like that’ll make it a lot easier for us to get signed to somewhere else. I always say like I’ve done the UFC six times. It is what it is but I’m not going to sign back to the UFC for an entry-level contract. I see other people fighting in Bellator that have never made it into the UFC or only had one or two fights in the UFC.”

“Went 0-1, 0-2, or whatever and they’re making three times as much as an entry-level UFC contract. So I want to go somewhere where I’m going to get paid or somewhere that’s going to keep me busy. Like ONE, I don’t know what the pay scale is there but they have shows every week. Their athletes can do kickboxing, they can do MMA, they can do grappling, whatever it is. They don’t do the weight-cutting thing. So it’s like I’d have to fight at 185 like my walk-around weight. I’d have to fight at 185 which is perfect.”

Samourai MMA 5

“That means I can stay healthy, I can eat the whole time, not worried about injuries. So it’s like that really excites me about ONE is the no-weight cutting. But then Bellator also excites me to get those big paydays but how often would I fight there? But yeah, my manager said we need another big win and we can start talking to those guys. So March 11th, it’s all on that one. So I’ve been training my fucking ass off, you know, super hard.”

“I wish I had the guys for training now when I was in the UFC because it’s like the training is just so good. I’ve got to get these wins. It is what it is. I know Seres is 7-3, dangerous power, but it’s like man, I’m putting a lot of work in. People are like man, you’re working real hard for Robert Seres. I’m like I can’t afford to let this guy fucking even have a glimpse of looking good against me.”

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