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Jonas Correia of Newark, New Jersey Debuts at Karate Combat Hollywood

Jonas Correia is making his debut at Karate Combat: Hollywood on January 24 when the karate-based promotion holds their first event of the year. While this is Correia’s first time fighting at Karate Combat, he has 19 years of experience in traditional Shotokan Karate he is bringing into the pit with him.

Correia is excited, but not nervous as he has said he sees his fight with Luis Diogo as “just another tournament.” Correia doesn’t know too much about his opponent but said he expects to bring fans a good fight, “like all karate combat fighters do”. Correia comes from Brazil originally and said his decision to pursue karate is not too far off as when it comes to sports in Brazil, “you’re either going to do soccer or fighting.” However, Correia said the difference is that he only has the one fight versus the many that happen at one event from karate competitions he has competed in before. The difference in Karate Combat is that there is more contact allowed as fans saw in the promotions first year. The addition of takedowns is also something Karate Combat has shown fans unfamiliar with what true karate consists of.

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That should not be a problem from Correia who has a background in Judo as well but looks to surprise fans with “other dangerous techniques”. Correia has to get through Diogo first at the Hollywood event but looks forward to what Karate Combat is doing for the art. When asked about anyone on the roster he would be interested in facing, Correia said, “Whoever is ready to fight, I’ll fight.”

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