Jorge Masvidal admits interest in Jake Paul boxing match: “I would bet on myself that I would win”

UFC welterweight star Jorge Masvidal admitted his interest in a Jake Paul boxing match, saying that “I would bet on myself that I would win.”

Masvidal is coming off of three straight losses in the Octagon, two to UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and one to Colby Covington. Despite the three losses, and recent legal issues when he allegedly sucker-punched Covington on the streets of Miami, Masvidal remains one of the UFC’s biggest stars and a legitimate draw for the company. So despite the three straight losses and everything else that’s going on with him right now, he is still one of the sport’s biggest names.

At this point, it’s hard to say what is next for Masvidal. He could fight someone like Conor McGregor potentially — another UFC star who has struggled as of late — but there is always the chance that he could cross over into boxing, something which he has admitted in the past he would like to do. If he does cross over into boxing, then one of the names that he could fight is Paul.

The former Disney star is always on the lookout for future opponents, and Masvidal seems to be a potential target. Speaking to Paul’s brother Logan Paul’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast recently, “Gamebred” was asked if a Paul boxing match interests him, and the answer is yes it does.

“Man, I love money,” Masvidal said (h/t MMA News). “If it made me money, like a ton of it, why the f*ck not? No matter what, I feel like the chips are stacked on my side because he just got into this life. Combat, for however long he’s been doing it, five-six years. I’ve been doing this since a kid. So even though it’s not what I have my Ph.D. in, it’s a form of combat that I have way more time than him doing it. So of course, I feel like the chips are on my side. Big money and I would bet on myself that I would win that fight.”

Masvidal recently signed a lucrative, long-time contract with the UFC, and it’s unlikely that the contract has an out clause that would allow him to box. But if the UFC would consider co-promoting the boxing match between Paul and Masvidal, just like the company once co-promoted the McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather mega-fight, then it seems like Masvidal is interested in Paul.

Do you want to see Jorge Masvidal fight Jake Paul in a boxing match, and who do you think would win?

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