Kayla Harrison vs Genah Fabian

Photo credit to @PFLMMA on Twitter

Kayla Harrison vs Genah Fabian PFL 8 Pre-Fight Quotes

Kayla Harrison vs Genah Fabian goes down Thursday, August 19th as the 2021 PFL Playoffs continue.

This lightweight main event emanates from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. PFL 8 broadcasts on ESPN+ and ESPN.

Kayla Harrison vs Genah Fabian

I was able to speak with both of the warriors topping the marquee at the virtual media day. The excerpts from those interactions can be found below.

Kayla Harrison excerpt

You’re a multi-time gold medalist in Judo. We’ve been getting some good Olympics action in recent weeks. Obviously, you’re tremendously motivated on a base level anyway.

But is there an additional tendril of motivation with the Olympics happening? Maybe some feelings being rekindled or not so much?

“I mean, yeah, you definitely watch the Olympics. I’m very fortunate and blessed that I have such amazing memories. I had major nostalgia watching these last games. Didn’t have any FOMO though. I was really glad to not be doing it again (laughs). But no, I mean the Olympics is something special. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart. But I don’t need outside motivation. I’m motivated from within.”

Genah Fabian excerpt

A quick follow-up to Genah here because the work with City Kickboxing has been mentioned and for due reason.

But I was also noticing a video a few weeks back of you getting in some pad work at Xtreme Couture. Can you kind of talk about the work you’ve gotten in that specific space?

“I trained at Xtreme, a bit of a home base between fight one and fight two. Just with the situation of quarantines in New Zealand, that’s just another added little speed bump…In terms of having to manage throughout this time with the way things are. So Xtreme were amazing in terms of hosting us. Letting my team and I have a spot to train. To be a part of through fight one and fight two.”

“But our coaches back home were across everything. Were training and in all of our technical sessions, our game-planning sessions. That was purely to just have a base. Throughout fight one and fight two. Before I returned home after that second fight.”

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