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Keeping Your Weight At Bay With MMA

Living in the digital era makes it easy to fall into the trap of sedentarism. However, sedentarism aggravates health issues related to prolonged periods of inactivity, and significantly contributes to obesity. Being able to do anything and everything while sitting down makes you less likely to stand up and move around, decreasing the desire to be physically fit through exercising and other methods.

But, according to a recent study, just one hour of daily physical activity or exercise can offset up to 8 hours of sitting down. And, if you are to choose a method on how to best fight off weight gain and ward off potentially serious illnesses, wouldn’t you opt for the most full-body, healthful way to do it? If you want to step away from run-of-the-mill workouts for a change, full-contact combat sport like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can allow you to keep your weight at bay.

MMA Your Way To Weight Loss

In the past, when you said ‘martial arts,’ people would only think of it as codified systems and traditions of combat mainly use for self-defense. Today, martial arts – and particularly MMA – are considered to be the most complete and effective workout routines. In fact, one of MMA’s most important health benefits is enabling you to obtain ultimate physical fitness and equip you to fast-track your weight loss no matter what your previous lifestyle looked like.

Burning calories is one of the major components of anybody’s weight loss journey, and cardiovascular training is an important aspect in making that happen. A good cardio workout ramps up your metabolism and promotes fat burning, which is also good for your heart health. Since MMA involves a lot of cardiovascular activities, you can expect to burn as low as 500 calories to as high as 2,000 calories depending on the intensity of your workout.

Becoming A Lean, Mean, Athletic Machine

MMA is a great form of exercise if done regularly. It combines strength training, muscle toning and building, which are essential in improving your metabolism and can thereby contribute to healthy weight loss. MMA is such a powerful workout routine that it stimulates your body to continue burning unwanted calories, even hours later.

There are common exercises that you can simply do to achieve the body that you so desire: Skipping using a jump rope can be done both for warm-up or as an effective fat burner, injecting Shadow Boxing into your workout routine doesn’t just burn calories but also improves your striking technique, Walking Like An Alligator by keeping hips heavy and light on the floor is an excellent drill for core strength and hip mobility, TheTechnical Stand Up allows you to get back up on your feet while avoiding an opponent’s attack in self-defense and Jump and Sprawl which is basically a burpee, except you want your hips to touch the floor. Remember to breathe as deeply as possible during gaps as you’re going to need a lot of oxygen in doing these exercises.

If you are looking for a new and fun way to lose that extra weight and nip a couple or so inches off your waist while gaining new friends and building your confidence back, then MMA could be your best bet.

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