Kenny Mokhonoana believes finish against Craig McIntosh will present itself at Bellator Dublin

Kenny Mokhonoana sits down with Lenny this week to talk about his fight against Craig McIntosh on February 25th at Bellator 291.

Mokhonoana, (4-0) is set to take on an accomplished grappler Craig McIntosh (3-4) in a featherweight showcase in front of Kenny’s home crowd.

Kenny in his last outing, made an emphatic announcement to the Bellator promotion vs. Alex Bodnar, where he submitted his adversary in the first round.

Thanks to Kenny for setting up this interview.

Kenny will take on his most accomplished grappler to date in his career, as his opponent Craig is a black belt in jui-jitsu. Ultimately, Kenny has submitted all his opponents thus far and relishes the challenge of his next fight:

“When I saw the name and his record on the contract, I was like, only a 3-4 guy? I look at his fights and honestly his record doesn’t show how good and slick he is. I will have to watch my Ps and Qs, that being said I know he has a black belt, but this is MMA, it is a different sport. I feel like I can take the fight anywhere as well. I have to be respectful and weary of his ground game, but I feel like I can beat him anywhere.

I think the pressure will be too much for Craig, anyone that I put my pressure on, I feel like it makes them make mistakes. Even as a jiu-jitsu black belt, I feel like the pressure will create mistakes and uncharacteristic things like leaving his neck open.”

Perfect thus far in his career with four finishes in four fights, does the SBG Ireland standout see another finish on the horizon?

“I know what I can do, and I know the level of training partners I roll with. It is nothing new to me, I feel like its another day at the office, even if he’s the best grappler I have fought so far.

My plan, when you look for the finish so hard it never comes. I am just going to feel the fight out and put the pressure on him. My last fight I didn’t chase the submission; he gave me his neck and I took the opportunity.

I have fifteen minutes to win every minute of the fight, If I get the finish then I do, and if I don’t I don’t. I will look for the finish, that’s the plan, but I won’t hunt it so heavily. I think I will get a finish having that said.”

Watch the full interview with Bellator featherweight Kenny and MyMMANews journalist Lenny March.

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