Keoni Diggs

Keoni Diggs on Super Brawl 39 Leading Him to Bellator 295

Keoni Diggs tests skills with Weber Almeida at Bellator 295 on April 22nd. This is the second of two events Bellator MMA has planned for back-to-back showings in Hawaii.

Diggs appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss how the vibrant Hawaiian MMA scene in the 2000’s guided him towards fighting in Hawaii today, how his resume is filled with tougher individuals than Almeida has faced, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Keoni Diggs

Getting the bout offer to compete on this card and how the Hawaii native feels about the partisan support

“I mean yeah, but it was expected. We kind of had a feeling that they were coming back. If you know, Bellator loves to come out here. Especially the people that work for them as well. Everybody loves to come out here. It’s like a work-vacay type of deal for everybody. The fans come out and support fully. Hawaii loves MMA and the fans show nothing but love and support whenever they do put something like this magnitude of a show on in Hawaii. It kind of appeases all parties involved if you’d say.”

Diggs continued, “But yeah, I’m excited. I don’t have to leave home or what never. But I just, you know, work’s not done. Last time I fought in Hawaii, I didn’t get the decision that I thought I deserved. So not really looking passed anything but that Saturday night, bro. Just getting locked in, getting focused, and ready to have the performance of my life.”

Bellator 295

Diggs’ thoughts on his upcoming opponent Weber Almeida’s skillset and resume

“Well, he looks to be pretty explosive, moves well, has good power. That’s what I see from him. He’s a tough fight. But there’s nothing that I see that doesn’t make me think I can’t get the job done. As far as his resume, I don’t think he’s fought guys as good as I have. Just to be frank about it, I don’t think he has. He hasn’t fought guys like (Daniel) Weichel or (Derek) Campos.”

“So, I don’t know but maybe he’ll prove me wrong or maybe he won’t. But I know what I’m coming in there to do. There’s no guarantees in fighting but I’m aware of his skillset but I’m also aware of mine. I have full faith in my abilities to take care of the job. Get the job done, April 22nd.”

Keoni Diggs vs Weber Almeida

Bellator regularly going to Hawaii and how it harkens back a bit to the vibrant MMA scene there in the early 2000’s in the context of that scene beginning Diggs’ MMA journey

“Yes, we used to have some crazy shows, man. We’ve had some world class shows and world class athletes. Lucky enough to be in the (Neal S.) Blaisdell (Center). From Robbie Lawler to Anderson Silva to Rich Franklin, all these hall of fame guys they’ve all fought here. One thing about Hawaii, like I said, the fans they love and support the fights. It is something in the culture as well. Yeah, it’s part of our culture, for sure.”

“It’s definitely one of the bigger; Football, baseball, little bit of golf, and fighting. That’s what we kind of produce. Just a lot of that over here for some reason (laughs)… My cousin Scott, rest in peace, he bought me my first ticket to a Blaisdell event which was a Super Brawl (39). It was Falaniko (Vitale) when he fought Masanori Suda and he knocked him out with a superman punch. I kept hearing their gym being announced because there was a bunch of guys on the card from this gym called 808 Fight Factory. That’s how I got into everything, man.”

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