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Lance Palmer hitting mitts during his open workout ahead of PFL 4 main event bout.

Lance Palmer talks being a fighting father at PFL 6 Media Day

PFL 6 takes place on Friday, June 25th, and broadcasts on ESPN+ and ESPN 2. The latest Professional Fighters League card emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I spoke with Lance Palmer at the PFL 6 Media Day ahead of his featherweight main card bout against Movlid Khaybulaev.

Lance Palmer

I had noticed that post on your Instagram about a week ago about that little Sour Patch Kid of yours turning four months old. So I wanted to wish a belated happy birthday there to Maya Rose.

“Thank you.”

And just as an extension of that with Father’s Day just recently happening. You had that post about just how proud you are. How much does that dynamic just even further galvanize your champion resolve heading into fights?


“It’s been cool. I don’t think that gives me… I’m pretty motivated, self-motivated, I guess you could say. But it just gives me a different reason to be excited for fights. And be motivated to go out and perform. I don’t know. I hear a lot of other people who are dads with daughters or sons who say that that’s their main motivation. And that, that’s like the sole thing that keeps them going. But for this whole situation of the quarantines in the fight camp right after she was born, I didn’t really have that time at home with her. Early on in her life.”

“So, I mean, even up till now really I mean I go home on weekends during fight camp and I was able to be home last weekend for Father’s Day. But I think the motivation for me is more just that I’m excited to go home and be with her. Kind of work into our relationship. She’s just now getting to the point where she’s very active and she can see obviously on FaceTime we’re able to FaceTime a lot. And she knows who I am and knows my voice knows my face and it’s crazy.”

“That I mean even at three months, she was able to recognize me on FaceTime. Thinking of that in the 80s when I was a baby is insane for somebody to be that young and be able to recognize a face and a voice through a phone or iPad or computer. It is crazy technology but luckily we’re able to do that. So I’m at least able to get time with her through that until I’m done with this fight.”

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