TUF 31 cast revealed - Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler head-to-head

Let’s face it, Conor McGregor is never fighting again…

Conor McGregor will never fight again. I’m going out on a limb and making that prediction. With The Ultimate Fighter, the season featuring Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, airing and no fight booked between the two, I’m convinced that McGregor is done fighting completely. Hollywood seems to be where he wants to be next. This isn’t based on any evidence from my part, this is pure conjecture. But I truly believe we will never see Conor McGregor fight in the octagon (for real) again.

Conor McGregor: Set for post fight life

Conor McGregor has been set for his life after fighting for a long, long time. He’s richer than sin and will never want for money another day in his life. He’s been smart with his investments and he’s made even more money doing so. An all too often reminder of what the great Marvin Hagler said about this situation:

It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5 am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.

Conor McGregor has Mulberry silk pajamas. The need to train isn’t there. He has already made it. So why tease the fighting? I believe he wants to fight. It’s all he’s ever really known and what brought him up out of the slums of Crumlin. In fact, this fact right here is why he may make me out to be the fool and fight again.

McGregor is setting his next phase of life up in Hollywood. He is appearing in the remake of Roadhouse. The original is a cult classic and the remake is starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He made his first credits known for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Then he signed on for this role in Roadhouse. We had the McGregor Forever documentary released this year. Add The Ultimate Fighter to his credits and McGregor has a decent resume for a Hollywood career.

We’ve seen WWE stars make the transition to Hollywood. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dave Bautista and John Cena are all bonafide mega stars. Conor McGregor has his eyes on that. Being in Hollywood gives him a goal to work towards, a reason to stay in shape, and gives him the glamor lifestyle he and his family enjoy.

I’m all here for the next Conor McGregor movie. Please, maybe one more fight?

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