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Livinha Souza

Livinha Souza among the latest batch of fighters released from the UFC roster

Former Invicta FC women’s strawweight champion Livinha Souza is among the latest batch of fighters to be released from the UFC roster. on Monday confirmed that Souza was among the latest group of fighters to get their pink slips from the UFC. The list — which also includes the previously-noted releases of Khama Worthy and of Randa Markos — also includes Laureano Staropoli, Andrew Sanchez, and Teemu Packlanen. As the report notes, not all of these fighters were explicitly “cut.” Some of them had fought out their contracts and were not going to be re-signed with the promotion, so they were given their release, such as Markos, who actually beat Souza in the last fight of her contract. On the other hand, a fighter such as Sanchez, who recently signed a contract extension with the UFC, was legitimately cut following his latest loss.

The biggest name of this group is arguably Souza, who was a top-15 ranked UFC women’s strawweight fighter as well as a former champion in Invicta FC. Souza went 3-3 overall in the Octagon with wins over Ashley Yoder (who is still on the roster) as well as Alex Chambers and Sarah Frota. Her losses, meanwhile, came against tough competition as she lost to Markos, Mackenzie Dern, and Brianna Van Buren before being given her release from the world’s leading MMA promotion. It should also be noted that Souza said after losing to Markos that she was considering hanging up her gloves from MMA.

“Well guys, as I said it was my worst performance ever, it was very disappointing, I never imagined losing so many fights and not doing well, thank you for everyone’s support, I’ll rethink a lot to resume the sport stronger or think about new one’s horizons,” Souza said at the time.

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